Friday, October 28, 2011

Radio Interview for April Fool, Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill

Listen in on Susanna Leonard Hill's Radio Interview today at 2pm EST at  to learn more about all of her books and especially her new release April Fool, Phyllis!
April Fool, Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler 
Holiday House
April 1, 2011
ISBN-10: 0823422704
ISBN-13: 978-0823422708
Ages 5+
28 Pages
Fiction     Children’s Picture Book    April Fool's Day 

Susanna began writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. She used to lie on the kitchen floor and ask her mom how to spell things. She wrote her first book in 2nd Grade. It is called The Girl and The Witch and she will read it to you if she comes to visit your school!
Her first published book was The House That Mack Built, released by Little Simon in 2002. Since then, she has published six more books: Punxsutawney Phyllis (Holiday House, 2005), Taxi! (Little Simon, 2005), No Sword Fighting In The House (Holiday House, 2007), Not Yet, Rose (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2009), and Airplane Flight! and Freight Train Trip! (Little Simon, 2009.) Can't Sleep Without Sheep, released Fall of 2010 (Walker Books), is illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka, and Jeff Ebbeler is illustrating April Fools, Phyllis!, due out from Holiday House in 2011!


April Fool, Phyllis is a delightful combination of fun, mystery and believing in ones own abilities.

Phyllis is a groundhog who knows about the weather. April 1st was the day of the spring treasure hunt but when Phyllis smelled the air she knew something wasn't right. A blizzard was coming. She declared to the family that the treasure hunt should be cancelled on the count of snow, but the family doesn't believe her, thinking that the winter season is over. But the more Phyllis persists that she is right, the more her family members begin to play April Fool pranks on her. Phyllis doesn't think the situation is very funny and keeps trying to plead her case, but the family doesn't budge, so--the treasure hunt is on.

Phyllis and the other children follow clues around Punxsutawney to find the treasure. But the farther they go away from their warm home, the more they start to notice changes in the weather. The wind picks up and it becomes colder. Will Phyllis and her family be able to make it back to their home before a blizzard rises up jeopardizing their fun?

Fans of Susanna's books will delight in her new one. She brings Phyllis's world to life, thrusting the reader into the adventure, having them wonder what will happen next. The illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler are so vivid and detailed that readers of all ages will relish in their realistic feel and mood. The author creates a fun, mystery type story that has several meanings running together. Readers will especially enjoy the information in the back of the book which informs the reader of the history of April Fool's Day.


  1. Thank you so much for having me, Renee! I really enjoyed the show. And of course I've just remembered what I should have mentioned when you asked if there was anything else I wanted to share :) I have all kinds of free downloadable activities available on my website - coloring pages, paper doll kits, a mask, madlibs, word puzzles, mazes etc. as well as classroom guides for use in schools and homeschools for many of my books. Thanks again for having me!

  2. You are so welcome. I am glad to be able to interview you and let the world know how wonderful your books are.