Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Maria Dismondy for Pink Tiara Cookies for Three

Come and join me as I talk with author Maria Dismondy on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book Pink Tiara Cookies for Three at at 2pm est today.

Pink Tiara Cookies For Three

Pink Tiara Cookies for Three by Maria Dismondy

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Making Spirits Bright: One Book At A Time (January 1, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 0615516203
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615516202


Sami's perfect life falls apart when the new girl moves in next door. Three can be a tricky number with friends because most of the time someone gets left out. Follow Sam as she discovers how to keep her best friend and find room for one more in Pink Tiara Cookies for Three.

    Maria Dismondy was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.
    Maria's experiences have shaped her into an individual who lives life to the fullest, appreciating what she has and one who uses her passion to make a difference.
    Maria takes experiences from her own life and uses them in her writing. Being in education for over ten years now, Maria knows what children need to hear from books in the classroom.


    Sami and Stella were best friends but when Jasmine moves in next door and wants to be friends with them, Sami treats her terribly not wanting to break up the nice friendship she had with Stella, but Stella feels otherwise. Stella wants to befriend Jasmine and include her into her friendship with Sami.

    Sami complains and protests and even makes demands upon Stella that if she is friends with Jasmine that she will no longer be friends with her. Well, that puts Stella in a tricky spot, forcing her to have to choose. But Stella refuses to do that. Will Sami realize that having another friend is a blessing and not a curse?

    This story is a great demonstration of what many children in school face at times. They have a best friend to hang out with but when someone new comes along it's hard to adjust to having that other person around and letting them into their life. When the truth is the more friends we have the better. There's always room for one more friend and it is always a good thing to make someone who is new to a school or neighborhood feel welcome.

    All children, though especially girls, will enjoy this 32 page beautifully illustrated soft cover picture book. The illustrator, Cary Pillo, did an amazing job bringing these characters to life in a realistic way that will help children understand the moral of the story. The author, Maria Dismondy, has created a story that will help children remember that bullying others can come in many forms and to also remember the golden rule. "Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated!" 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview and Review Of God Gives Us Choices by Hope Rethman

Come and join me as I talk with author Hope Rethman on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book God Gives Us Choices at at 4pm est today.

God Gives Us Choices

God Gives Us Choices by Hope Rethman, illustrated by Jackie Arling

  • Paperback: 28 pages
  • Publisher: Gypsy Publications (August 26, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0984237526
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984237524

  • Bio:

    Hope (Hegemann) Rethman is a former third grade teacher. She took a leave of absence from her career to stay home with her children. During this time, Hope taught second grade religion classes for her local Catholic parish and wrote her first children’s book, God Gives Us Choices. She recently returned to the classroom as a intervention teacher. Hope resides in Maria Stein, Ohio with her husband and their four children.

    Book Summary:

    God Gives Us Choices captures a powerful moment between a young boy and his mother as they share a conversation sparked by a question asked by children everywhere: “Why does God let bad stuff happen?” As this endearing story unfolds, the boy and his mother discuss God’s gift of free will and the impact our choices have on others. The boy ultimately learns that, although he is only eight years old, he can make a positive difference. His choices and actions can help to keep “bad stuff” from happening.

    Book is available:,, Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Bookstores and, and all Miami County bookstores in Ohio.


    God Gives Us Choices is a great story to help children understand why bad things happen in this world. Even adults wonder the same question, but the truth is that God gave us free will. He gave us the choice to do what is right and what is wrong. Children will appreciate the tender way the mother sits down by her son and spends time with him at bedtime discussing what's on his mind. Parent's will appreciate the powerful meaning the story will leave behind to the reader. No matter what age someone is, or how young, they can always make a difference in someone's life. Even though God gave us free will to make choices, he also gave us the courage and strength to help others see what the right choice is.

    The illustrations by Jackie Arling are colorful and bright and compliment the text. Readers of all ages will enjoy reading this 28 page softcover picture book over and over again whenever they need gentle reminders about God's love and the courage do to what is right.

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    Interview and Giveaway with A.K. Taylor and Fantasy Book Neiko's Five Land Adventure

    Theresa K is the winner of the tribal gift! Thank you everyone for participating.

    Listen to the interview with A. K. Taylor  on Stories From Unknown Authors 

    Author is offering a FREE copy of Neiko’s Five Land Adventure, leave a comment telling us what you find most interesting about Native Americans. Be sure you leave your EMAIL ADDRESS, so she can send it to you. Please let me know if you prefer mobi, pdf, or epub, and then it’s on its way!

    Also, the IBC is having this scavenger hunt. Go to the IBC blog ( Find the items on the site for more chances to win that KINDLE with everyone’s books on it. BTW, while you’re there, sign up for the IBC newsletter for 5 bonus entries! #competitionissteep The IBC seems to have a kindle fetish or something.

     Ask them, “Who is their favorite character?” If you do, then you get a chance to win the tribal gift, but you must do that TODAY (Jan 24). You must visit all three stops! Say the bold message by their link for extra credit and extra chances for the gift. Those IBC people call it a gift basket—same thing. This is limited to US only. Everyone gets an ebook. The winner will be announced later.

    Sponsor links:

    Renee Hand Children’s Book Reviewer (

      Did you think Bloodhawk was hot?!

    CC Cole ( How is Shevata today?

    Paper Mustang ( Neiko loves horses, especially mustangs

    The tribe is a special list on twitter where Neiko’s biggest fans are listed. Here's what you do: 1) like the fanpage on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and follow the blog 2) @ or DM her and say you want to be part of the tribe. That’s it!

    Reminders:  1) Leave a comment with your email for a free ebook. Please let me know what format (mobi, epub, or pdf) 2) visit the other authors during the tour #theyneedlovetoo 3) don’t forget about the TRIBAL GIFT and the KINDLE

    Neiko’s Five Land Adventure by A.K. Taylor  
    Two Harbors Press
    ISBN-10: 1936198851
    ISBN-13: 978-1936198856
    Ages Young Adult
    352 Pages
    Fiction     Fantasy    

    A.K. Taylor is a YA fantasy/science fiction adventure writer who has been writing since age 16. Taylor also draws her characters and designs her covers and illustrations which she also began at 16. Taylor has also written a nonfiction piece about self promotion.

    Reviewer: Renee Hand
    Neiko’s Five Land Adventure is an interesting fantasy about strength, courage and the will to always fight for what you believe in.
    Amanda Katherine Hawk is no ordinary teenager. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about her at all. She lives a double life that no one suspects. To her friends at school and even to her parents, she is just a high school senior ready to get out and go to college, playing in the band, hanging out with friends and going to church. However, the other life she leads is in no way that simple. 
    She is Captain Neiko Kidd, the commanding officer of the Desert Storm Falcons, an organization of woodland warriors. She is friends with most of the other Indian tribes who were on the same side. There biggest enemy was with the Crackedskulls, a band of bloodthirsty savages ruled by Raven and his son, Bloodhawk, who are half bird. What makes things worse is Bloodhawk’s obsession to have Neiko as his wife. Many attempts had been made to capture her, but each one failed. Neiko is a target that is hard to defeat.
    Becoming more powerful within the Desert Storm Falcons, being promoted to Admiral, Neiko was becoming almost invincible. But Raven finds a mole in the tight knit group who would gladly betray her so Raven and Bloodhawk could defeat the seven tribes and rule everything.
    But to find Neiko’s weakness was going to be tough, but then it was remembered that Neiko still liked to play with toys—plastic toy Egyptian pharaohs, to be more precise. She had created her own world with her toy soldiers. Being well versed in dark magic, Raven put a spell on Neiko’s favorite toy, Ramses. But just like all magic, it can backfire. It does when several of Neiko’s toys grow and become real, kidnapping her and taking her into her own imaginary world with their own take over agenda. What will happen to Neiko during her travels in finding salvation?

    This story has many different twists and turns that will capture the reader’s attention. Children who love reading fantasy will love the adventure and the world A.K. Taylor creates using powerful Egyptian Pharoahs, half bird creatures, and battles.  What is most interesting is how she created a world for an ordinary teenager with Indian background to fight in, learn from, and come into her own.

    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Review and Interview with Marcia Nass for How To Be A Bully--Not!

    Come and join me as I talk with author Marcia Nass on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book How To Be A Bully--Not! at at 2pm est today.

    How to be a Bully... Not!

  • Publisher: YouthLight Inc. (February 1, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1598501011
  • ISBN-13: 978-1598501018

  • Summary:
    More than anything, Andy wants to follow in his big, bad, bully brother Martin's footsteps. Andy thinks Martin is totally cool and powerful, because no one at school messes with Martin. When Martin says he'll teach Andy how to be a bully in three bully lessons, Andy is thrilled. But when Andy tries to be a bully, something very unexpected happens.


    Andy idolizes his brother, Martin, and wants to be just like him. The problem is that Martin is a bully. Andy asks him to teach him how to be a bully, and so he does. The first step is to look like a bully. So Andy works on his mean face. Martin tells Andy that he has to go to school and pick on someone smaller than them because that's what bullies do. Andy goes to the playground and finds a boy named Dion to pick on, but Dion appears sad and is looking all over the ground for something. When Andy asks him whats wrong Dion tells him that he lost his teddy bear. Andy helps him find it. Of course, when Andy goes back and tells his brother how his day went, it wasn't exactly what Martin had expected. Martin keeps sending Andy out with what to do next but Andy finds that he can't hurt other people. He was meant to help them instead.

    This is a simply told story that children from all ages will enjoy. The meaning of the story is clear. Andy wanted to be so much be like his brother, but what his brother was doing and how he treated people, was wrong. Andy couldn't hurt people like that and in the end he realized that the best person he can be like is just himself. If he is true to himself and his good nature he will be happier.

    The back of the book is filled with great activities and worksheets to help children understand how not to be a bully. They become Secret Agents on Bully Patrol. The worksheets help children identify what is right and wrong, how to spot a bully and what they can do to help prevent themselves and others from being bullied. Such great advice for children of all ages to learn from. This book is unique in its presentation and style, but will be easy to capture a child's attention while teaching them a great lesson.

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Review for The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister

    The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister

    The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister by Linda Ravin Lodding, Illustrated by Suzanne Beaky
    Flashlight Press
    October 1st, 2011
    ISBN-10: 0979974690
    ISBN-13: 978-0979974694
    Ages 5 and up
    32 Pages
    Fiction     Children’s Picture Book     
    Linda Ravin Lodding is the author of the Hold That Thought, Milton! (illustrated by Ross Collins) and Oskar's Perfect Present (illustrated by Alison Jay) both from Gullane Children's Books, London. Ms. Lodding is originally from New York, but has spent the past 15 years in Sweden, Austria, and now The Netherlands. Today she lives in a one-windmill with her wonderful husband and daughter (who is, at times, as busy as Ernestine) and their sometimes-dog Nino (who speaks Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, and a smattering of English).

    Reviewer: Renee Hand
    The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister is an artistically colorful and extremely timely story depicting the life of an ordinary child with an extraordinarily busy life.  
    Ernestine has a very busy schedule. Not only does she go to school, but every day after school, and on the weekends, her days are booked. She goes to sculpting, water ballet, knitting, tuba practice, yodeling, karate, and yoga. How can she keep her schedule straight? With the help of Nanny O’Dear. But at times, even she struggles with what they are doing on which day. 
    When the Buckmeisters come home and see their daughter pale and worn out, they think putting her in more classes will help, but what they fail to see is that they have Ernestine so busy she can’t enjoy just being a child and playing like her friends in the neighborhood do.
    Until one day when Ernestine has had enough. She wants to play and after school she and Nanny O’ Dear play in the park for the day. But when her yodeling teacher calls and tells her parents she has missed her class, what will the Buckmeisters do? Will Ernestine get into trouble for just wanting to have fun and be a kid?
    In this story the author captures the chaotic life of most children and their parents. Parents have such high expectations for their children that at times children get tired and exhausted from what they have to do. In truth, they have a hard time keeping up. Sometimes children just need a break—even just to wash their own stress away. 
    The illustrator has created beautiful and detailed artwork that really helps emphasize Ernestine and her crazy life. The images are creative and funny. 
    Children from the ages of five and up will be able to empathize with Ernestine’s life in this 32-page hardcover picture book. The reader will delight in the moral of the story: Sometimes a kid just needs to have time to play, have fun, and exercise only the imagination.

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Interview with Molly Nero for Smarty Pig

    Come and join me as I talk with author Molly Nero on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book Smarty Pig at at 2pm est today.

    Smarty Pig

    Smarty Pig
    Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
    ISBN Number: 978-1-61244-048-4
    Genre of Book: Picture book
    Publication Date: December 2011
    30 pages

    About the Book:

    The school year has started but the pigs have given up on school and aren’t doing their homework. All but one, that is. Smarty Pig is working hard. Although she gets teased, her report card shows her hard work, while the others fail. They reach out to her, and she becomes their tutor. By creating games in their home that practice skills, Smarty Pig shows them that they can learn, and it’s really fun after all. She helps them understand that learning is not just for school, it’s for life.

    Author Bio:

    Molly Nero grew up in Texas loving to sing, dance, and read. She spent over 18 years teaching elementary school. Reading to her own children, she was inspired to write. Molly Nero recently moved to Pennsylvania where she resides with her family, 2 dogs, and a leopard spotted Gecko and enjoys writing, cooking, and making snowmen.


    Smarty Pig, is a very cute story about hardwork and determination. Smarty's pigs family was teasing her about studying so hard for her classes, but when she comes home with A's on her report card and they don't, they realize they need help. They admit to not understanding their school work. This inspires Smarty Pig to help them by making learning fun. Some subjects are hard to understand but when they are made into a game, everyone seems to understand the lesson better. Instead of becoming angry at the pigs for teasing her, she finds the goodness in herself to help them. As she does this, all the pigs benefit from her wisdom and dedication.

    Children will love this 30 page picture book. The colorful illustrations and rhyme will capture children's attention while at the same time encouraging children to help one another, in so doing, everyone benefits.

    Places where Smarty Pig is available for sale: and all other bookstores POD after Dec.

    Author Website:

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Interview with Meaghan Fisher for Lars the Monkey Flies a Waco Airplane

    Come and join me as I talk with author Meaghan Fisher on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book Lars the Monkey Flies a Waco Airplane at at 2pm est today.

    Lars the Monkey Flies a WACO Airplane

    Lars the Monkey Flies a Waco Airplane by Meaghan Fisher

  • Paperback: 26 pages
  • Publisher: Gypsy Publications (May 29, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0984237518
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984237517

  • Bio:

    Meaghan Fisher has 10 years experience working with children, and is a former nanny with a BS in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s Studies. She is a published poet who owns her own publishing company, Gypsy Publications and is currently working on her first novel and putting out her next book: "Lars the Monkey Flies a WACO Airplane!" Meg lives in Troy, Ohio, with her husband and their two dogs, Sadie and Lexi.


    When he was little, Lars the monkey loved taking rides in historic WACO airplanes at WACO Field in Troy, Ohio. Now that he's older, Lars wants to learn to fly a WACO airplane himself so he can share his love for flying with little passengers of his own. As Saturday approaches, the day that WACO pilots give rides, the pilot is missing. Can Lars fly the plane and save the day?
    Lars the Monkey Flies a WACO Airplane, is a simply told story with a great message. When he was little, Lars loved taking rides in WACO airplanes. He took his love and passion for flying, worked hard and became a pilot when he became older. This story will encourage children to follow their dreams. It also brings to light more information about the WACO Historical Society, which was founded in 1978. This society preserves the history of the WACO Aircraft. The museum is based in Troy, Ohio. The author, Meaghan Fisher, does a great job incorporating the WACO airplane into her book in such a fun way that children will find both the story and the character memorable.

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Interview with Mugs and the Secret Society by Steven Skinner

    Come and join me as I talk with author Steven Skinner on Stories From Unknown Authors at at 1pm est today.
    Mugs and the Secret Society

  • Paperback: 132 pages
  • Publisher: Gypsy Publications (November 9, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0984237550
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984237555

  • Summary:
    Mug's is a farmer's son, who lives on the outskirts of Troy, Ohio. It is the summer of 1955 when Troy was booming with agriculture and transportation of farming goods. A time when farming families lived off their gardens, and the simple life was valued and favored. Follow these ornery boys through their remarkable summer adventures as they walk through Troy, play in the fields off Route 202, and fish off the banks of Miami River.

    Author Bio:

    Steve Skinner was born October 24, 1946 in Dayton, Ohio. He has been married to his wife Pat for 38 years, and they have three children. A Vietnam veteran, Steve attended Sinclair and Edison State Community Colleges. He retired after thirty years at General Motors and has also worked as an intake specialist at a juvenile corrections facility. He currently works part time as a security guard. BOOKS: Robert's Journey and Mugs and the Secret Society


    Mugs and the Secret Society is a 132 page life story of a boy in Troy, Ohio as he grows up on the farm.  It talks about the trouble he gets into and the lessons he learns, focusing the main content during the summer of 1955. This is more of a novel that could be read by children who are of middle school age and up. The feel of the story reminds this reviewer of days in the south where outhouses and the lack of modern day conviences were just as common in older homes. The people being content to live and work in the country with everyone knowing each other's names and  everyone's business.

    Adults who have lived on the farm will remember the hard work they had to put in and the friends they made along the way. This story shows how towns and cities have grown and changed through the years, and though the pace of life has picked up, some people are just content to work hard and devote their lives on the farm. Readers will enjoy Mugs' adventures. The author does a great job bringing Mugs' story to life,  reminding all of us of our youth.  

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Radio Interview and Book Review for Good Table Manners Made Easy

    Come and join me as I talk with author Maryann Sawka on Stories From Unknown Authors at at 2pm est on Wednesday the 11th.

    Good Table Manners Made Easy

    Good Table Manners Made Easy Book Blurb:

    Good Table Manners Made Easy is a quick, easy-to-read resource that teaches basic table manners in a delightfully fun way. It also serves as a quick refresher for the table manners that we may have forgotten.

    ISBN Number: 978-1-61244-046-0
    Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
    Genre of Book: Children’s, Self-Help, Etiquette
    Publication Date: 2012

    Places where Good Table Manners Made Easy is available for sale:

    Author Website:


    Good Table Manners Made Easy is not an adventure story for children, but a book  of quick tips that will help them learn about table manners. Most children know the basics, like covering their mouths when they sneeze and not wearing a hat at the table, but it is surprising how many table manners even adults forget, like not texting or answering their phone at the table, and not swearing up a storm. These tips go as far as how to place your silverware on your plate when you leave the table and the use of the elusive napkin.

    These days, more than ever, it seems that children are not being taught proper ettiquette. It should be a class added to the classroom in all schools. This book is  a great reminder for children and adults of what proper ettiquette is and how to have respect for others in a formal and informal table setting. 

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    Interview for The Magic Manuscript by Barbara Burgess

    This book is now available in e-book form. Check it out on your kindle, nook or other reading device.

    Tune in at to hear author Barbara Burgess talk about her YA Fantasy novel, THE MAGIC MANUSCIPT: BOOK ONE – VOYAGE TO EVE ILION

  • Paperback: 140 pages
  • Publisher: Piraeus Books LLC (June 28, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0983185379
  • ISBN-13: 978-0983185376

  • Bio:

    Barbara is the deputy editor of Writing Edge Magazine, an Australia-based international magazine, for which she also writes a health column. She judges writing competitions. Over the past fifteen years, she has done freelance writing, editing, and proofreading for numerous international clients.

    In 1983, she received my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. She was First Class Honours in English and “University Scholar.” She then enrolled in graduate studies in medieval English literature at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Her thesis supervisor was a former student of the British author, C. S. Lewis.

    In 2002, she worked briefly as the assistant to the Executive Director of the Federation of BC Writers in Vancouver, Canada. Over a period of five years, she taught English to international students at a private ESL school in Vancouver. Currently, she writes and


    “Arthur and Jennifer are two young Brits enjoying a Christmas holiday down in the ancient Cornish village of Mawgan Porth, a place just vibrant with associations of Arthur, the legendary monarch of Britain, or more precisely Logres, as the ancient realm was called. But the action begins seriously when they come across a mysterious, normally inaccessible, cave, where they discover an ancient medieval manuscript that has the ultimate literary quality of mysteriously drawing readers into the actual lives and adventures of its heroes and heroines.” (Professor Paul Piehler, a former student of C. S. Lewis, writes about The Magic Manuscript: Book One – Voyage to Eve Ilion.)


    The Magic Manuscript is a brilliant combination of medieval times and modern day heart.

    This story leads the characters through a journey of self discovery through different periods of time. The plot is surrounded around a magical manuscript and an ancient sword. The story weaves from ancient times, to modern day, back to ancient times, seemlessly. The authors description of the world around the characters, and the characters themselves, is so memorable that readers will feel as if they were transported in time themselves, to view, if only for a short period time, the story through the character's eyes. Readers who love reading fantasy similar to the mystical style of J.R.R. Tolkein, but without the gruesome battles, will certainly love this 140 page historical version which brings to life the story of King Arthur, but in a very unique way. The author has used reincarnation to an interesting level that will keep the readers attention and have them wondering how often fate plays it's hand. Readers will certainly be yearning for the next book in the series, wanting to follow Arthur and Jennifer on their next amazing and mystical adventure.