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Interview and Giveaway with A.K. Taylor and Fantasy Book Neiko's Five Land Adventure

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Listen to the interview with A. K. Taylor  on Stories From Unknown Authors 

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Neiko’s Five Land Adventure by A.K. Taylor  
Two Harbors Press
ISBN-10: 1936198851
ISBN-13: 978-1936198856
Ages Young Adult
352 Pages
Fiction     Fantasy    

A.K. Taylor is a YA fantasy/science fiction adventure writer who has been writing since age 16. Taylor also draws her characters and designs her covers and illustrations which she also began at 16. Taylor has also written a nonfiction piece about self promotion.

Reviewer: Renee Hand
Neiko’s Five Land Adventure is an interesting fantasy about strength, courage and the will to always fight for what you believe in.
Amanda Katherine Hawk is no ordinary teenager. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about her at all. She lives a double life that no one suspects. To her friends at school and even to her parents, she is just a high school senior ready to get out and go to college, playing in the band, hanging out with friends and going to church. However, the other life she leads is in no way that simple. 
She is Captain Neiko Kidd, the commanding officer of the Desert Storm Falcons, an organization of woodland warriors. She is friends with most of the other Indian tribes who were on the same side. There biggest enemy was with the Crackedskulls, a band of bloodthirsty savages ruled by Raven and his son, Bloodhawk, who are half bird. What makes things worse is Bloodhawk’s obsession to have Neiko as his wife. Many attempts had been made to capture her, but each one failed. Neiko is a target that is hard to defeat.
Becoming more powerful within the Desert Storm Falcons, being promoted to Admiral, Neiko was becoming almost invincible. But Raven finds a mole in the tight knit group who would gladly betray her so Raven and Bloodhawk could defeat the seven tribes and rule everything.
But to find Neiko’s weakness was going to be tough, but then it was remembered that Neiko still liked to play with toys—plastic toy Egyptian pharaohs, to be more precise. She had created her own world with her toy soldiers. Being well versed in dark magic, Raven put a spell on Neiko’s favorite toy, Ramses. But just like all magic, it can backfire. It does when several of Neiko’s toys grow and become real, kidnapping her and taking her into her own imaginary world with their own take over agenda. What will happen to Neiko during her travels in finding salvation?

This story has many different twists and turns that will capture the reader’s attention. Children who love reading fantasy will love the adventure and the world A.K. Taylor creates using powerful Egyptian Pharoahs, half bird creatures, and battles.  What is most interesting is how she created a world for an ordinary teenager with Indian background to fight in, learn from, and come into her own.


  1. Hi Neiko said ‘Olleh’. “Who is your favorite character?” Also do you think BloodHawk was HOT?

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  2. Hi Neiko said ‘Olleh’. “Who is your favorite character?” Also do you think BloodHawk was HOT?

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  3. Hello, Neiko says "olleh". Who is your favorite character, and do you think Bloodhawk was hot?

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  4. Thank you Renee for you review today, it certainly helped me understand more about this very intriguing story. I of course hopped over from the Tribal Gathering to enjoy the post and your take on what sounds like a fun read. I have been instructed to share some code with you as I am sure by now you are more than aware, but the interest is genuine LOL - Neiko says "olleh". Who is your favorite character, and do you think Bloodhawk was hot? I am applying to the tribe for adoption and look forward to joining in on the adventure.

  5. Hello, Neiko says "olleh". Who is your favorite character, and do you think Bloodhawk was hot?
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  6. Hi Renee,

    What a great review and break down on Neiko's Five Land Adventure. I'm over here visiting since Neiko sent me and everyone else who visits.

    Neiko says; "olleh"!She also wants to know who is your favorite character? And do you think Bloodhawk was hot? I'm looking towards Neiko's nation as a chosen nation, in other words I choose to be accepted in to her people.

    Teresa K.

  7. Hello Renee,

    What a great review and breakdown of Neiko's Five Land Adventure.

    Neiko sent myself and everyone else who visits today over. She also said to say; "olleh". She also wanted to know who is your favorite character and did you think Bloodhawk was hot?
    I can't wait to get back to her page so I can become a chosen member of her Nation.

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  8. Hi. Neiko says "olleh".
    Who is your favorite character?
    Do you think Bloodhawk was hot?

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  9. Hi. Neiko ays "Olleh" and says to ask "Who is your favorite character?" and "Do you think Bloodhawk was hot?"

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  10. Hiya! Neiko says 'olleh'. Who is your favorite character? Do you think Bloodhawk was hot?!


  11. Thank you, everyone, for visiting and commenting on this post. I could do without the bird parts of his body of course, but the words and pictures of his well formed chest sounds yummy. So, there are parts of him I do find hot. Thank you again for stopping by.

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    Who is your favorite character?
    Do you think Bloodhawk was hot???

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  13. Hi :) Nice to meet you :) Neiko said to tell you "Olleh" And I'd love to know who your favorite character is? By the way, Did you think BloodHawk was hot? I cannot wait to hear your answers <3

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