Monday, August 17, 2015

Interactive Mystery Series for Kids

THE ASSIGNMENT: The Circus for Hire is a whirlwind of an adventure where the Crypto-Capers travel to Russia to save Max and Mia's parents, Mitchem and Martha Holmes, from going to prison for a crime they didn't commit. Finding themselves caught up in a scandal that is beyond their control, they use their skills and talents to try to outsmart the most notorious criminal of all time, but can they do that without sacrificing one of their own? Lies become intermixed with truth, yet, with the help of a new ally, the Crypto-Capers find themselves ahead of the game, but will they find the ending they're looking for? Puzzles of varying degree of difficulty challenge the reader in this award-winning interactive mystery series.

This is a great story filled with mystery and ciphers. It is challenging for the advanced reader, yet interesting and action filled for the reluctant reader.

Here is a review from Amazon's kindle version:

Children between 4th-7th grades are going to love The Crypto-Caper Series. The author does an amazing job involving the reader into the story. The mystery takes the reader to Russia where they will learn about Peter the Great as well as many other historical figures and topics. The reader will use different clues to solve the puzzles in the books. Book 1 through book 4 uses a Substitution Cipher to solve the puzzles, but in books 5 and 6, the author uses an Ottendorf Cipher. Children are always being challenged in each book, which will keep them interested and engaged. This book has won a Preferred Choice Award and it is easy to see why. Readers, teachers, and parents are going to love the smooth way the author keeps the reader's attention by introducing puzzles and history into a well woven mystery.