Thursday, March 21, 2013

Interview with Neal James for Full Marks

Come and join me as I talk with author Neal James for his novel Full Marks on Stories From Unknown Authors @ 1 pm EST.

  • Paperback: 294 pages
  • Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing (March 21, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1782282637
  • ISBN-13: 978-1782282631

  • Summary:

    Dennis Marks thought he had seen it all. That was before Solomon Goldblum crossed his path - after that, things were never the same again. The trauma which the old Jew had inflicted upon him had brought about a near psychological collapse. That the DCI had been able to conceal the fragility of his mental state from the shrink whom the Met had forced him to see had been down to his sheer determination. Now, all of that effort was about to be challenged by one of the most daunting figures at New Scotland Yard - Superintendent Eric Staines. The Independent Police Complaints Commission were about to take Marks' life apart, professionally and personally, and Staines, as one of its fiercest inquisitors, was not a man inclined to show mercy. A month was all that the DCI had to prove his innocence of a range of charges dating back to his days as a detective sergeant. A career spent putting away the dregs of London's criminal world was to hang in the balance, and he was, he believed, for the first time...alone.


    Neal James began writing in 2007 when a series of short stories found favour on a number of international writing sites. Since then, he has released three novels and an anthology of short stories. 'Full Marks', his fifth book in as many years, is a crime novel and a product of a vivid imagination set against a backdrop of exposes dating back to the mid-1970s. 'Two Little Dicky Birds', his 2010 release, was a finalist in the prestigious Peoples Book prize of 2012. He is a member of the Crime Writers' Association, and regular contributor to local newspaper features. Details of his writing can be seen on his website As an accountant for over three decades, he has drawn on his background to provide an insight into much of the substance required in the creation of his writing to date. He lives in Derbyshire with his wife and family.

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    Monday, March 11, 2013

    Review for Pansy at the Palace by Bynthia Bardes

    Pansy at the Palace

  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Octobre Press; 1ST edition (2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615692532
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615692531

  • Bio:

    Cynthia Bardes is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. She lives with her husband and Pansy in Vero Beach, Florida. Pansy at the Palace is her first picture book.

    Pansy at the Palace is a delightful story told by a dog named Pansy who has spent most of her life in a shelter. Everyday the dog sees people coming in and out of the shelter but no one really pays much attention to her--until one day when a little girl comes and falls in love with her, taking her home with her. Avery, Pansy's new owner, is a girl with means who lives with her family inside of a hotel, but not just any hotel mind you, but the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills.  
    To say this hotel is designed for the well-to-do is an understatement, very similar to some of the hotels in Beverly Hills. It has it all for the filthy rich and their pets. Pansy meets the many people who work at the hotel. She finds them interesting and fun, certainly different than her humble beginnings. One day as Pansy follows a white silky cat named Desiree, she discovers something strange, a smelly fish odor. It won't be the only time she notices it either.

    Soon, the calmness of the hotel is disrupted by a lady yelling in hysterics that her jewels have been stolen. With that news the hotel is now put into an uproar as concerned guests begin to leave the hotel fearing for the safety of their expensive items.
    Pansy is more than happy to follow the clues, finding her self in a mystery Avery and her family hope can be solved before all of the guests of the hotel leave, and the hotels reputation is ruined. Can Pansy solve the mystery?
    Pansy teaches the reader that no one is too small to make a difference. Pansy finds her inner strength and shows the world what she can do. The illustrator Kim Weissenborn does a wonderful job visiualizing the characters for this story. They fit well with the tone and text. Children will enjoy the mystery of the story in this 32 page picture book, as well as Pansy and her journey through the hotel as she settles into her new life, being rewarded with wonderful family and friends who love her for the wonderful dog that she is.