Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Signing Event Where Author Renee Hand Will Allow Children To Create A Character For Her Next Book In The Joe-Joe Nut Series

In celebration of Summer Reading and Writing

Book Signing At Barnes and Nobles Booksellers In Rochester Hills, Michigan will be held on June 3rd from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Renee Hand, award-winning author of the Crypto-Capers and Joe-Joe Nut series, will allow children to create a character for an upcoming book. Children can submit their characters and encourage family, friends and the public to vote for their favorites. The winning entry will be featured in the third installment of the Joe-Joe Nut series.

In honor of book 1 of award-winning author Renee Hand’s new lower elementary children’s book series, The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, The Great Pie Catastrophe, author Renee Hand is hosting a contest for children to become characters in one of her cases. The opportunity is for children to be able to create their own animal suspect.

The Joe-Joe Nut series is based on animal detectives who solve cases. The books are educational and fun using topics that children will learn from, such as animal tracks (for book 1) and rocks and minerals (for book 2, coming in the fall of 2010). Every book is unique, entertaining and yet full of interesting information that children will love to learn about.

For the contest, children will submit a character, they created. The author will then post submissions on her website. Family, friends and the public will be able to read and vote for their favorites. The submission that receives the most votes will become a character in the next book.

"I decided to hold this contest," stated Ms. Hand, "in honor of my new lower elementary series titled, The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, Case #1 The Great Pie Catastrophe. I am an author who writes for my readers. I want them to be involved in my books and make a connection with the characters. It is important to me. My goal is to not only entertain children, but to educate them as well, and all of my books accomplish this goal. This contest will help children understand the process an author goes through in creating a character and will be able to work with me on the development of that character in the story. As a thank you to the winner, not only will their character be a part of the story but it will be dedicated to them as well. The winner will also receive a signed copy from me. I am excited about this contest and wish luck to all. I look forward to reading the entries."

The contest begins on June 7th and will end on August 15th to allow time for everyone to develop and promote their characters.

For more information visit the author's website at www.ReneeAHand.com. Entries and votes for characters should be submitted by email to thecryptocapersseries@gmail.com.

Renee Hand is available for media interviews and school visits. She can be reached using the information below or by email at TheCryptoCapersSeries@gmail.com. More information on the Crypto-Caper series and the Joe-Joe Nut series is available at Ms. Hand’s website at www.ReneeAHand.com. All of Ms. Hand’s books are available at Barnes and Nobles bookstores or from her website.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Review for Duck and Cover by Janet Urbanovic

Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic

(Harper Collins Publishers January 27, 2009)

Duck and Cover is a deliciously cute story about a duck named Max and an interesting alligator named Harold.

Harold comes knocking on Max and Irene’s door begging for shelter from a zoo detective who is looking for him. Harold ate a dog and got in trouble for it, but it wasn’t his fault the dog was somebody’s pet, right? So Harold is on the run; the trouble is that with Harold’s insatiable appetite, Max and his friends are worried that if they help hide Harold they might become his next meal.

But ultimately, Max is compassionate. He knows how it feels to be in need of help and to have someone special in his life—someone like Irene, who had once helped him get through a difficult situation. So Max and his friends agree to hide Harold. As the plot thickens Max realizes how difficult the task of hiding Harold is going to be, but he perseveres and is determined to protect his new friend. He even goes as far as having everyone dress up as an alligator when the zoo detective returns in search of Harold. Let the man try and find Harold now!

Duck and Cover fits right in with the continuation of Max the duck’s adventures. His story began in Duck at the Door and continued with Duck Soup. Ms. Urbanovic is the author and illustrator of all of the Duck books.

The illustrations in this 32-page romp put a smile on the reader’s face as they complement the animals’ activities. Children of all ages will laugh at this cleverly written story and wonder what mess Duck will be getting himself into next. This hardcover picture book is great for children between the ages of 4–8.

Reviewer Renee Hand is the award-winning author of The Crypto-Capers series. Look for her upcoming release The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, The Great Pie Catastrophe.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Review for Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney

Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney

(Viking Juvenile March 9, 2010)

Roly Poly Pangolin is a 40-page picture book about a pangolin named Roly Poly who is afraid of everything. One day Roly Poly sets out on an adventure holding tight to mama’s tail. As a baby pangolin, the world is new to her, and because of this she is scared and unsure of everything: from the noises in the trees to the ants and slugs she is supposed to be eating.

It is not until she wanders a little too far from mama that she becomes consumed in her own fears, letting her imagination run away with her. Roly Poly stumbles and begins to fall, but in the process discovers something new and interesting about herself. She can roll up into a ball, similar to the Tolypeutes species of armadillo, which can also roll up into a ball for protection.

Roly Poly is not a little intrigued but waits until she hears a tiny call before she comes out of her ball. When she does she finds another pangolin looking at her. Because Roly Poly is not alone anymore, she and her new friend begin to play together, fearing nothing at all. “Sometimes new things can be fun when you’re not the only one.” Ms. Dewdney’s words will ring true for children whose imaginations often take them into scary places. With a little company, everything always seems a tad less scary.

Pangolins are an endangered species. Mrs. Dewdney traveled to Vietnam to visit these creatures and see them in their own habitat, learning much about them. A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the Pangolin Conservation Program at Cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam to support research and efforts to save these interesting and unusual creatures. Roly Poly Pangolin is a great read for children ages of 4–8.

Reviewer Renee Hand is the award-winning author of The Crypto-Capers series. Look for her upcoming release The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, The Great Pie Catastrophe for lower elementary.