Thursday, September 26, 2013

Interview with Patti Brassard Jefferson for How Long Will You Love Me?

Come and join me as I talk with author Patti Brassard Jefferson and her picture book How Long Will You Love Me? on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1 pm EST today.

Halo Author: Patti Brassard Jefferson
Month of World of Ink Tour: Sept 2013
Title of Book(s): How Long Will You Love Me?
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number(s):  ISBN: 9781612441658
Genre of Book(s): Children's book
Publication Date(s): June 2013

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Author Bio:
Patti Brassard Jefferson lives under a palm tree in sunny Florida with her husband, Ken and their 2 rescued mutts. How Long Will You Love Me is the first children's book that PBJ has written and illustrated. She began drawing when she was a little girl and forgot to stop when she grew up. She thinks doodling is a lost art and has a special place in her heart for the smell of a new box of crayons.

Patti Brassard was born in upstate NY in 1962 but moved with her military family to Virginia when she was 11 years old. She always loved art in school but never gave a thought to making it a career until she started college in 1980. With no idea where a Fine Arts degree would take her, she instead studied Media Arts Advertising and after graduation, started her own graphic design company so that she could continue to be a work-at-home mother to her daughter Nikki.
It was while Nikki was learning to read that Patti mocked up her first book aimed at teaching pre-readers the alphabet. She only shared it with her daughter and her kindergarten class. It was very well received but Patti never pursued the project any further.
Over the following years Patti opened a paint-it-yourself pottery studio and got back to being involved in more artistic endeavors. In  2010, she remarried and added Jefferson to her name: Patti Brassard Jefferson.  They moved to the Florida Keys with their two rescued dogs, Marley & Mollie, and she opened an art gallery.
While in Florida, she decided to dust off unfinished children's book project that she had put on the shelf. It had started as a Valentines card years before and had morphed into the beginning of a book. Over the next 2 years, Patti worked on the illustrations and adding more pages. It was finished in October 2012 but she had no idea what the next step was. A friend and fellow author had just self-published a novel so Patti did some research.  She decided to start a Kick Starter campaign to raise the funds necessary to self-publish her book. The campaign launched in April of 2013 and funded 30 days later. She signed with Halo Publishing International and the book was released in June!
book trailer on web:


Whether it's a question from a child to a parent or an adult to their significant other, the question “How long will you love me?” probably gets asked more than you think...even if it just stays in your head  and you are the only one who hears it. Patti Brassard Jefferson's creative first book starts with the question and each page gives a warm, rhythmic reassurance --- "I promise I will love you 'til..." It's the perfect book to read to someone to let them know your love is endless.

So, just how long WILL I love you? The answer is perfectly clear in this book!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interview for Virginia-Lee Series by Maria Cox

Come and join me as I talk with author Maria Cox and her picture book Virginia-Lee, I can on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1 pm EST today.

  • Paperback: 30 pages
  • Publisher: Dancing Lilies Press (March 18, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615782817
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615782812

  • Virginia-Lee, Happy Me

    Virginia-Lee is a happy little girl, especially when doing something that she loves. Her happiness bubbles out, and in all kinds of ways - from head to toe. She might grin or wrinkle, maybe wiggle, chuckle, or perhaps even giggle. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't hold it in. At that moment, she knows and everyone can see that Virginia-Lee is doing something she loves and that makes her happy as can be.

    Thursday, September 12, 2013

    Interview with Debbie Dadey for her Mermaid Tale Series

    Come and join me as I talk with author Debbie Dadey and her children's mermaid series Mermaid Tales on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1 pm EST today.

  • Age Range: 6 - 9 years
  • Grade Level: 1 - 4
  • Series: Mermaid Tales (Book 6)
  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Aladdin (September 17, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1442482605
  • ISBN-13: 978-1442482609

  • About the Author

    Debbie Dadey is an award-winning children’s book author who has written more than 140 books. She is best known for her series The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, written with Marcia Thornton Jones. Debbie lives with her husband, three children, and three dogs in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


    Echo Reef loves sea horses so much, she wants one for a pet…no matter what!
    Of all the creatures in the ocean, sea horses are Echo Reef’s favorite. They’re sweet and gentle and they glide through the water so gracefully. When Echo discovers that Rocky Ridge, one of her Trident Academy classmates, has his own pet sea horse, she wants one right away. Not everyone agrees sea horses should be pets, however—perhaps they are happiest when swimming freely. But Echo thinks that if Rocky can make a sea horse happy, she can too! Can’t she?

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    Interview with Dina von Lowenkraft for her fantasy novel Dragonfire

    Come and join me as I talk with author Dina von Lowenkraft and her fantasy novel Dragonfire on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1 pm EST today.

    • File Size: 555 KB
    • Print Length: 353 pages
    • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    • Publisher: Twilight Times Books; First edition (August 5, 2013)
    • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
    • Language: English


    Some choices are hard to live with.
    But some choices will kill you.

    When seventeen-year-old Anna first meets Rakan in her hometown north of the Arctic Circle, she is attracted to his pulsing energy. Unaware that he is a shape-shifting dragon, Anna is drawn into a murderous cycle of revenge that pits Rakan and his clan against her best friend June.

    Torn between his forbidden relationship with Anna, punishable by death, and restoring his family’s honor by killing June, Rakan must decide what is right. And what is worth living – or dying – for.

    Author Bio:

    Born in the US, Dina von Lowenkraft has lived on 4 continents, worked as a graphic artist for television and as a consultant in the fashion industry. Somewhere between New York and Paris she picked up an MBA and a black belt. Dina is currently the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Belgium, where she lives with her husband, two children and three horses.
    Dina loves to create intricate worlds filled with conflict and passion. She builds her own myths while exploring issues of belonging, racism and the search for truth... after all, how can you find true love if you don't know who you are and what you believe in? Dina's key to developing characters is to figure out what they would be willing to die for. And then pushing them to that limit.

    Thursday, September 5, 2013

    Interview with Mary Haller for The Great Horned Owl

    Come and join me as I talk with author Mary Haller for her picture book The Great Horned Owl on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1 pm EST today.

    • Paperback: 28 pages
    • Publisher: Gypsy Publications (April 12, 2013)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1938768124
    • ISBN-13: 978-1938768125

    Mary Bingamon Haller is a graduate of Fairview High School, Dayton OH . She resides with her husband of 51 years and lives on the Stillwater River in West Milton OH . Her fondness and respect for nature is the reason for her writings of children’s books. Besides gardening, she enjoys genealogy.

    It’s the first day of spring when Mary decides to take a walk near her home, along the Stillwater River and spots a fallen baby great horned owl. Can she rescue the bird and get it back to its mama?