Friday, January 20, 2012

Review and Interview with Marcia Nass for How To Be A Bully--Not!

Come and join me as I talk with author Marcia Nass on Stories From Unknown Authors about her book How To Be A Bully--Not! at at 2pm est today.

How to be a Bully... Not!

  • Publisher: YouthLight Inc. (February 1, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1598501011
  • ISBN-13: 978-1598501018

  • Summary:
    More than anything, Andy wants to follow in his big, bad, bully brother Martin's footsteps. Andy thinks Martin is totally cool and powerful, because no one at school messes with Martin. When Martin says he'll teach Andy how to be a bully in three bully lessons, Andy is thrilled. But when Andy tries to be a bully, something very unexpected happens.


    Andy idolizes his brother, Martin, and wants to be just like him. The problem is that Martin is a bully. Andy asks him to teach him how to be a bully, and so he does. The first step is to look like a bully. So Andy works on his mean face. Martin tells Andy that he has to go to school and pick on someone smaller than them because that's what bullies do. Andy goes to the playground and finds a boy named Dion to pick on, but Dion appears sad and is looking all over the ground for something. When Andy asks him whats wrong Dion tells him that he lost his teddy bear. Andy helps him find it. Of course, when Andy goes back and tells his brother how his day went, it wasn't exactly what Martin had expected. Martin keeps sending Andy out with what to do next but Andy finds that he can't hurt other people. He was meant to help them instead.

    This is a simply told story that children from all ages will enjoy. The meaning of the story is clear. Andy wanted to be so much be like his brother, but what his brother was doing and how he treated people, was wrong. Andy couldn't hurt people like that and in the end he realized that the best person he can be like is just himself. If he is true to himself and his good nature he will be happier.

    The back of the book is filled with great activities and worksheets to help children understand how not to be a bully. They become Secret Agents on Bully Patrol. The worksheets help children identify what is right and wrong, how to spot a bully and what they can do to help prevent themselves and others from being bullied. Such great advice for children of all ages to learn from. This book is unique in its presentation and style, but will be easy to capture a child's attention while teaching them a great lesson.

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