Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Radio Interview and Book Review for Birds Can Fly and So Can I by Noa Namrodi

Birds can fly and so can IListen to the interview with Noa Nimrodi today at 3pm EST on Stories From Unknown Authors She will also be offering a giveaway. Rules: Readers must follow me through GFC here and follow Noa at and leave a comment. Giveaway lasts until beginning of November.

Birds Can Fly and So Can I by Noa Nimrodi and illustrated by Tamir Lichtenberg
GrassRoots Publishing Group (April, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-09794805-1-5
30 pages
Ages 4-8
Children’s Picture Book

Birds Can Fly and So Can I is a delightful tale about dreams coming true.

The story begins with Giraffe who spies a bird flying high into the sky. As she watches in amazement, she wishes with all of her might that she could grow wings and fly away, too. Tired from the day, Giraffe lies down and falls asleep, her mind free to dream. Soon each spot on her long neck turns into wings. She pumps them fiercely as her feet begin to rise above the ground.

High into the sky she flies, when she returns her friends gather around her in awe. She indulges them with a ride. As Giraffe sleeps, her friends really do crowd around her. She wakes; knowing that everything was a dream but what has her friends done to inspire her?

This story is simply told, but its meaning is powerful. Though Giraffe knows that she will never grow wings and fly away, her dreams can be attained in other ways. The sky is the limit to our goals in life, not even the clouds can contain them. Children will feel inspired and encouraged in this 30-page picture book, to reach for their goals, even if they may seem impossible.

The illustrations are a good fit for this story and do a great job depicting Giraffe’s journey. They are colorful and bright. The back of the book contains a chart for readers to be able to write down their goals and dreams.


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  2. I love the book cover and title - looks like a great kid's read!

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing