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Interview with O. Warfield about her Dog Story Adventure Omar Blue and K-9 Town USA

Listen to the interview with O. Warfield today at 3pm EST on Stories From Unknown Authors She will also be offering a giveaway. Rules: Readers must follow me through GFC here, follow my show and follow her at http://omarblue.blogspot.comand leaving a comment. Giveaway last until beginning of November.

Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA
Omar Blue and K-9 Town USA by O. Warfield  
ISBN-10: 1452892318
ISBN-13: 978- 1452892313
116 Pages
Fiction     Dog Stories     

O. Warfield resides in Richmond, Virginia. Author and poet, O. lives with her loving husband and has one daughter. Born in Brooklyn, New York, O’s objective through her book, "Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA" is to reach out to other dog lovers and avid readers through hours of reading entertainment.  Her characters have personalities that draw fans young and old to their individuality.

To fulfill a wish to bring enjoyment to children and adults with special needs, this book will be read by the author, in group homes, hospitals, libraries and schools.

At age --, O. Warfield feels her life gets more exciting every day.-           -   -   -   -   -   -   -

 Following are several of O. Warfield’s urls so readers can find out more about her:

Blog “My Dog Leads Two Lives”:

Reviewer: Renee Hand
This dog story is fun and filled with great lessons for readers of all ages.
The story starts with a mighty Blue Doberman named Omar Blue, who leads a pack of fifty strong dogs. He’s a good leader and has many devoted followers.  Realizing the need to settle down to provide structure for the pups, they find a nice spot naming it K-9 Town, USA.  They created laws and there were Elders who would provide advice for the town.
After that several dogs in the pack are introduced and different stories follow. There was a K-9 Town wedding, the introduction to the naughty puppies, the female’s project and much more. Predators come in and out of the story where the pack joins forces to prevail. But will the pack prevail against Bulldog Jim who disrupts the norm?

There are many adventures that will keep the reader’s attention. Each one incorporates some type of lesson of forgiveness, respect, loyalty and love. Children will enjoy a chapter book filled with rhyme. The author did an incredible job accomplishing that goal while telling a story incorporating lessons. 
There are many funny parts, like some of the dog’s names and some of the stories. Children who love dog stories will enjoy the different way this story is written and told.

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