Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Radio Interview for Henry! You're Late Again by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl

Henry! You're Late Again!

Listen in on Mary Evanson Bleckwehl Radio Interview today at 4:30pm EST at to learn more about her book Henry! You're Late Again!
  • Henry! You're Late Again! by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl, illustrated by Brian Barber
  • Reading level: Ages 4 and up
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press (November 10, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 159298357X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1592983575

Fiction Children’s Picture Book   


As a child growing up on a dairy farm in northeast Iowa, Mary loved school and had nightmares about not getting up in time to make the bus. She did make it to school every day and has now created Henry, an imaginative first grader who is in a predicament every morning as his family just can't seem to get him to school on time. Using years of teaching experience and stories from school children she taught, Mary has created a touching tale that will resonate with every child from 3 to 93, one that reminds our inner soul that there are things we just aren't in control of. Together with her husband, Mary has raised a daughter and two sons and lives in Northfield, Minnesota. She still spends plenty of time in schools as a substitute teacher and a volunteer. She attempts to be on time...but may be related to Henry a bit in that department!

Henry! You're Late Again! is a charming and humorous story about the trials of tardiness.
It's Monday and it's another crazy day at Henry's house. Henry tries so hard not to be late, but what's the use? Dad overslept as usual. mom forgot to set the alarm clock, and Isabela couldn't find her polka-dotted socks, that matched her polka-dotted underwear. It didn't matter becuase all Henry could think about was how Miss Timberlane, the school secretary, was going to look down at him in her frustrated way, reminding him in her most stern voice, how he was late again.  
When his dad drove the car in front of the school and dropped him off, they noticed that there wasn't the mile long line as usual--that was strange, but it probably meant that Henry was really late this time. But when Henry went into the office, Miss Timberlane wasn't her usual self, in fact, she was quite different. She wasn't growling or snarling at him that he was late, instead, she had a pleasant smile on her face. Was Miss Timberlane ill, or was it a trick of some kind? Henry was surprised with the truth.
This 32 page hardcover picture book will delight any child that has ever been late for reasons that were not under their control. The trials of tardiness affects us all, especially during the times when we are in a hurry to get somewhere. Children will be able to relate to Henry's plight. The colorful illustrations will bring a smile to the readers face as they follow along with Henry's adventure hoping that one day the poor child will get a break. What is interesting is that people are not always what they appear to be, and when we look deeper into someone's life, we begin to realize that most people are just misunderstood. A delightful read for all ages.

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