Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Radio Interview with Nancy Stewart for Sea Turtle Summer

Nancy Stewart

Check out Nancy's radio interview today at 2pm EST at http://blogtalkradio.com/storiesfromunknownauthors to learn more about this new release.

After having been an elementary school teacher, a management consultant with New Options, Inc. in New York City and a university professor of education, Nancy now writes children's books full time. She, her husband and children lived in London for eight years, where she was a consultant to several universities, including Cambridge.

Nancy is the author of two other Bella and Britt books: Bella Saves the Beach and Sea Turtle Summer, which will be published in 2011. The fourth book in the series, Mystery at Manatee Key, will be available autumn, 2010. All are published by Guardian Angel Publishers.


Nancy StewartOn a glorious summer day Bella and Britt walk the beach wondering what new things they were going to find. As they walked they came across a loggerhead turtle laying her eggs into a hole in the sand. Usually not coming onto a beach in daylight, the friends watch over the turtle. When it returns back into the ocean Bella and Britt try to find a ranger so they can mark off the nesting area so the nest wouldn't be disturbed by people. The problem was that the ranger had gone home sick so the job would have to wait till the next day. The sand cleaner would be coming around and the girls were worried that the machine would destroy the nest if it wasn't properly marked off. What were they going to do to save the turtles from certain destruction?

This is a great story that tells of the love and devotion it takes to help save a turtle's nest. Britt and Bella don't give up on their quest, even when people wanted to set up a volleyball net on top of or near the nest. The girls knew what was right and were determined to help save the nest and the eggs, and for their reward saw many turtles make their way back to the sea. This story brings great messages for children around the world who want to do their share to help save the animals. The back of the book also contains more information about turtles. Children between the ages of 6-9 will enjoy this 25 page picture book about friendship and courage, and will also enjoy the other book in the series as well, which also talks about the beach. Children who live on the beach, or visit one, will look at it's beauty differently and will get a better understanding of it's importance.


  1. Thank you, Renee, for the lovely review of Sea Turtle Summer! I look forward to our chat this afternoon as well.

  2. You're welcome, Nancy. I'm so glad that you were on the show talking about your wonderful book. Children will love the Britt and Bella Series.