Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review for Cinderella's Wheelchair by Jewel Kats

Jewel Kats, 32, is an award-winning writer. She’s also one tough cookie. At the age of nine, Jewel endured a car accident. Her physical abilities altered forever. She spent weeks in the Hospital for Sick Children recovering, has survived eight leg surgeries, and currently walks with a cane. (Note: It’s fashionably handpainted!) Nothing stops Jewel. For six years, she penned a syndicated teen advice column for Scripps-Howard News Service and TorStar Syndication Services. Jewel has earned $20,000 in scholarships from Global Television Network and Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. She’s penned three children’s books, including: “Reena’s Bollywood Dream” and “What Do You Use to Help Your Body?” She calls Toronto home.

Publisher: Love Healing Press

ISBN Number: 978-1-61599-112-9

Publication Date: May 2011

Genre of Book: Fiction / Disabilities

Book Review:

Living in a kingdom far away lived a girl named Cinderella. But this girl wasn't your ordinary shining princess that everyone expects, in fact, this Cinderella was in a wheelchair. She lived with her stepsisters and grueling stepmother. Well, the stepmother learned that the King was ill and that he wanted to see his only son married before he dies. So, a royal costume party was going to be held in the prince's honor where any and all interested girls could attend.

Cinderella wanted to go, and being the sneaky and selfish woman that she was, the stepmother made a deal. Cinderella could go only if she made beautiful jewelry for her stepsisters to wear. I think we all know how this is going to go. When Cinderella shows up in a beautiful butterfly costume of her own creation, her family becomes jealous and sabotages her dress and wheelchair so she can't go anywhere.

Sad and discouraged, Cinderella loses hope, until an upbeat fairy godmother in training shows up and repairs the damage to the wheelchair as well as to Cinderella's dress. She even upgrades the wheelchair to one that flies. But of course, the magic only exists until midnight, then all will go back to normal.

Cinderella shows up at the palace and meets the prince, but what is interesting is that she gives him a get well card for the King in hopes that he will get better. Cinderella didn't think about her needs but the needs of others. The Prince saw this inner beauty and fell in love with her, but when the clock rung 12 will he be able to find her after she leaves him, determined that he wouldn't want  her as a wife because of her disablility?

 This colorful picture book provides a different twist to a well known story. Having a disability does not change a person's inner or outer beauty. This story shows how girls of varying abilities or disabilties can still find love and overcome the odds that are set against them. It is our strength and courage that defines us, not what we look like. Girls who are in wheelchairs, who have faced illness, or injury, will find hope and inspiration in this tale about how dreams can come true.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Jewel Kats' book. I really enjoyed this book and so did my girls.