Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mystery Challenge #6

"Logic is paramount, Mia." Max was in a thoughtful mood, pacing slowly up and down the length of the sitting room. "The better able you are to pick apart a problem in your mind and evaluate all of the ramifications it encompasses, the stronger will be your deductive reasoning."

"Of course," Mia replied.

"So, then. Let us say that I know of a particular fellow. Today is a singular occasion, for two days ago, he was 25 years of age, but next year, he will be 28. How is such a thing possible?"

I hope you are enjoying these challenges. Remember, if you think you know the answer, write it in the comments section. If you have it correct, you will win a copy of my new release in the Crypto-Capers Series, The Mystery For The Circus For Hire. Good luck!

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