Sunday, May 11, 2014

Challenging Mysteries Giveaway!

Coming in June I will have a new release in my Crypto-Capers Series called The Mystery for the Circus for Hire. I'm really looking forward to it. I will also be having a new romance novel which my fans have been highly anticipating. More about these books as well as bits and pieces of them will be showing up on my blog throughout the upcoming weeks.

In honor of these amazing new releases I am offering giveaways for them. But here is the challenge. Being a big mystery buff, and my books being on the mystery side, I have some challenges for you.
The person who gets these challenging deduction questions right will be getting a free copy of my children's or adult book. I will be posting these questions 2 times or more a week. To answer just post it below the post in the comments section. Make sure you include your e-mail for me to respond to you. All books will be sent out upon their releases. Let the games begin!

Mystery Challenge Number #1

A priceless sword with associations to Mary, Queen of Scots had been stolen from an estate, and Max had agreed to lend his teams services on the matter. The local constabulary was making much of the thief's escape, and sought to ascertain which of the nearby villages was the closest-Shenstone, Rushock, or Chaddesley.

The sword's custodian expressed his opinion that it seemed as if all three were as far away as each other, although he had never actually attempted to measure the distances involved. The sergeant maintained that the exact distance was important to know.

It was known that the distance from Shenstone to Caddesley was one and a half miles, from Shenstone to Rushock was one and three tenths miles, and from Rushock to Chaddesley was one and two fifths miles.

Can you discern the distance from the estate to the villages?

The answer will be given this Wednesday.

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