Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Memories

Happy Mother's Day to all on this glorious day. Mother's Day is a day we celebrate mothers. I look back and am thankful for having a wonderful mother to share my feelings with and to rely on. She gives me advice and support when I need it and tells me the things, sometimes, I don't want to hear but need to anyway. She is the wind in my sail and the voice that reminds me to stay true to myself. She is my best friend.

I look at my life as a mother and always want to be the best I can be for my children, though I know I have room for improvement. Being a mother is a tough job, there is no doubt. It can stress you to the point of breaking yet can rise you up and give you the strength you never knew you had. It can help shape you to be the woman you were meant to be.

So to all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!!

As I Look Back... 
As I look back on my life
I find myself wondering...
Did I remember to thank you
for all that you have done for me? 
For all of the times you were by my side
to help me celebrate my successes
and accept my defeats? 
Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
good judgement, courage, and honesty? 
I wonder if I've ever thanked you
for the simple things...
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared? 
If I have forgotten to express my gratitude
For any of these things,
I am thanking you now...
and I am hoping that you've known all along,
how very much you are loved and appreciated. 

Thank you Mom!

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