Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mystery Challenge # 5

Mystery Challenge #5

One evening, after The Crypto-Caper team had provided some assistance to Scotland Yard on a matter of some delicacy. Inspector Jeffries took the opportunity to challenge them with what he hoped would prove a vexatious riddle. His hopes were unfounded of course, but I'm sure that comes as no surprise.

"I was at a break-in yesterday, team," began the Inspector. "Nasty business. A group of burly young men apprehended a man and his wife outside their home, and forcibly restrained them there. Meanwhile, two of their number kicked the door straight off its hinges and charged in there. They came out a few minutes later with the couple's most precious treasure. Then, to top it all off, rather than scampering like your usual villain would, they handed their loot over to the weeping wife, and went about their business. I saw the whole thing, but I didn't make even a single arrest. What do you make of that?"

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