Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interview with U.L. Harper for In Darkness

In Blackness - Book 1

Title of Book: In Blackness
ISBN: 978-1-61434-441-4
Genre: fiction literature/ sci-fi
Publication Date: June 23, 2011
# of Pages: 286

Join U.L. Harper author of the young adult science fiction novel, In Blackness, as he virtually tours the blogosphere during the month of September, 2010 on his second book tour with Pump Up Your Book.

His interview on my radio show will be up and running 9:30pm EST. Please follow it and listen to this amazing author. He will also be offering a giveaway for this book. Rules: you must follow through GFC my blog and also follow U.L. Harpers website at  and comment on both blogs or website. Giveaway will go towards middle of October. Thank you to all.


As children, Lenny’s and Saline’s parents brought them to Southern California to escape the nightmares. But after their parents die in a horrible car accident, their adoption by longtime family friend, Busek, proves nightmarish in its own right. Busek is abusive to his son, Dustin, and does very little to hold the young family together. The trio of kids become friends and grow up as a family. Outwardly, they are unruffled by life’s events, yet as teens the emotional aftermath of Saline and Lenny’s parents’ deaths lingers and eventually catapults Lenny and Saline on individual journeys back to their old hometown.

Saline journeys with a small church group which has regular excursions to her old hometown in Lowery, Washington. She discovers the group is protecting a powerful secret that will change her life.
Lenny, on the other hand, becomes stranded in King City. There, he meets someone who unexpectedly and unknowingly guides him to a place in Washington where something might be waiting for him. Impulsively, he makes his way there and discovers that the simple world he has been living in is vastly different from what he could have ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Dustin remains in Southern California and meets a group of youth who stumble upon the city’s plan to replace the local library with a jail. In the process of this discovery they learn of one of the largest secrets society has ever kept, a secret waiting for them underground, in blackness.

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