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Book Review, Interview and Giveaway for My Birthday is September Eleven

My Birthday is September Eleven by Nicole Weaver
July 18th, 2011

These stories fill the heart with compassion and inspire the soul to help everyone to become better people.

Nicole Weaver has created five short stories about various topics. The first being My Birthday Is September Eleven. This story is about a boy named Matthew who was an only child and was born on September 11th.  Every year on his birthday he was reminded of the tragedy that happened on that day. It was hard for him to feel differently about it, which caused him to sometimes have some serious problems. What pulled Matthew through was his best friend Ronald. Ronald and Matthew would play together and enjoy life, being able to handle most anything. But one day that changed. Ronald was placed in a temporary foster home because his grandparents couldn't take care of him anymore. Will Matthew ever see him again?

The next story is called Zebra Boy. A twelve year old boy named Pascal Beauchamp is originally from Haiti. His mother was black and his father was white. Because of this, children at school would tease him, calling him names that would hurt him. Pascal's good friend, Marcel, would stick up for him, but the bully Eric still wouldn't stop. He wasn't alone either. Other children would tease Pascal too, but one day that all changed.

The third story is called The Good Samaritan. This is a touching story which tells of a mans kindness in helping a little girl named Marisol. She had to have brain surgery, so the children of her school helped raise the money for her to get the surgery. However, they were still short $15,000 until a stranger donated the money giving Marisol the chance to live. Will she one day be able to thank the man who saved her life?

The fourth story is called No More Hunger. It is about a boy named Ronald who is from a village that had been wiped out by a devastating hurricane. His mother, not being able to take care of him, gave him up for adoption. Though it broke her heart to do it, she knew it was the right thing to do. Her sacrifice gave him a chance at life. Will Ronald ever understand?

The last story is called A New Life. This is about a biracial boy who experiences many hardships. Jonny's parents passed away when he was young and his German grandparent's didn't want anything to do with him, which put him into foster care for years. This was a mixed blessing because his foster parent's had adored him, treating him as if he were their own son, yet he still had many uncertainties. Will he ever forgive his grandparent's for not taking him in?

This collection of stories hits upon many topics. It touches on adoption, bullying, tragedy, coping with loss, kindness and love. What readers are going to enjoy about this collection is that with the bad comes the good. Though each story begins with something tragic that happens that changes or effects the characters life in some way, there is also something rewarding about it as well, as if it were redemption for the pain each has suffered. Each character finds happiness in their own way and it radiates around them affecting others lives as well. It shows the reader that kindness can change someone's fate.

Readers can check out the interview with Nicole Weaver today at 6:30pm EST at and follow if you would like. She will be talking about her new collection of stories where listeners can also ask her questions right here on this blog. She will be checking them periodically

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