Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review for Milo and the Green Wagon by Lisa M. Umina

Milo and the Green Wagon by Lisa M. Umina

Halo Publishing
ISBN-10: 1935268112
ISBN-13: 978-1935268116
32 Pages
Ages 9-12
Children’s Picture Book spiritual

Lisa Umina, Award-Winning Author
Milo Finds his Best Friend, Milo Moments, Milo and the Green Wagon &
Milo y el carrito verde

Lisa Umina, owner of Halo Publishing International, not only publishes books but also enjoys a successful career as an award-winning author, motivational speaker and literary consultant. Umina´s publishing company continues to flourish by strengthening the movement of words across the international borders in order to benefit cultures and society as a whole. She has been interviewed by countless newspapers, radio and and television shows and has traveled the world to teach children about their purpose and important life lessons inside her books.

Reviewer: Renee Hand

Milo and the Green Wagon teaches great lessons about how actions speak louder than words.

Milo wakes up one morning wanting to make a difference, but he isn’t sure how, until he finds an old green rusted wagon lying in the garbage. With an idea floating around in his mind, Milo gathers some friends to help him follow it through. He noticed, while at church last Sunday, that people had donated food for the church’s food drive. The food was to be given to the people who were in shelters. This made Milo wonder, how many people were in need of food and supplies in the community?

Milo had a feeling there were many, so he and his friends got together and painted the wagon green, adding the words ACT onto the side. ACT standing for “Action Changes Things”. The wagon looked brand new by the time the group of friends was done. Then they decided to walk around their neighborhood collecting donations for their noble cause. Families donated books and toys, food and clothing. Soon, the word of the ACT Mission spread high and low throughout the community. Father Pete was impressed with the contributions and helped the friends disperse the food and items to the places that would need them the most. The friends had helped many people that day. Father Pete asks the group of friends to join him in church for a special sermon. But it is what happens in the church on Sunday that opens Milo’s eyes to an amazing revelation, and a surprise awaits them that will change all of their lives forever.

This is a wonderful 32-page picture book that teaches children about generosity, selflessness, love and respect. The story doesn’t preach to children about what they should do, but rather shows them by example. This story will not only inspire a child, but adults as well. God is everywhere, this story shows how a child can talk to God at anytime and have their own private time with him. At first, Milo didn’t understand why he was meant to find the wagon in the garbage, but then it came to him and his purpose was clear. This situation can be related to many people and how there are things found in our own paths that we have chosen to do something with, or ignore.

Milo thanks God for giving him the opportunity to do something that affects others in a positive way. Not only did Milo bring out the goodness in him, but he encouraged the neighborhood to bring out the goodness in themselves. The items that were donated showed how, no matter how much or how little, people can make a difference, and sometimes one kind gesture can change the course of someone’s life.

The illustrations of this story were clean, bright and colorful, delighting the reader with the group’s adventure. There a 3 books in the Milo Series, all teaching children in some way about God. Religious families alike will enjoy Milo’s adventures and the positive impact he will have on their child, showing them in simple ways how they can change the world one kind gesture at a time.


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