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Book Review for Trouble at the Zoo: Bindi Wildlife Adventures by Bindi Irwin

Trouble at the Zoo: Bindi Wildlife Adventures

Trouble At The Zoo: Bindi Wildlife Adventures by Bindi Irwin

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
ISBN-10: 1402255144
ISBN-13: 978-1402255144
112 Pages
Ages 9-12
Children’s Picture Book Wildlife Conservation

Bindi Irwin is the daughter of “The Crocodile Hunter.” She is a 12-year old Emmy-award- winning actress, TV host, and conservationist.

Reviewer: Renee Hand

Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures are a blend of adventure, travel, and wildlife conservation.

Trouble at the Zoo is a story that focuses on Bindi’s 11th birthday party, which is celebrated at the Australian Zoo. The day looks promising as guests dressed up as underwater sea creatures, start filing into the park, with the money earned from the day going towards preventing whaling in Antarctica.

The guests are soon entertained with animal rides, karaoke, dancing and, of course, the crocoseum where the crocs are abound. Bindi, along with her brother Robert and her best friend Rosie, meet many great people in the park as they walk around and explore all the interesting things her mother, Terri, had planned for her. The day seems perfect until someone tries to steal an Eastern Water Dragon that roams freely in the park. Will Bindi’s birthday party be ruined as they try stopping the thief?

Children will enjoy this 112-page early chapter book. Trouble at the Zoo is the first book in this new wildlife series. The story is told simply, and will be easy for beginning readers to absorb, creating a desire for children to want to visit the Australian Zoo and meet all the interesting creatures that live there, including The Eastern Water Dragon.

Bindi stays true to her father’s conservation beliefs, sharing their passion about the topic with other children. Each story in this series takes place in diverse locations involving problems that affect various wildlife.

A portion of the proceeds of the series goes to the Australian Zoo Conservation Projects. Readers can also become Wildlife Warriors, which are a group of people who love animals. Every book contains an animal fact file page in the back of the book which includes photos and more fascinating information about the wildlife focused on.

This series is geared more towards girls, but all children, regardless of gender, who love animals and want to make a contribution in their salvation, will love the direction the series is going and will enjoy reading this book.

Reviewer Renee Hand is the award-winning author of The Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill adventure series for children. Look for her new release in the series, Case#2: Mineral Mischief.


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  2. We love Bindi at our house! She is such an amazing girl and has grown up so fast since her dad passed! My son dreams of going to Australia some day. Who knows maybe we will meet her one day!

    Following from the blog hop!


  3. All the boys in first grade love snakes and dragons. I think Johnny would love this.

    I am over from the Thursday blog hop. What a great blog you have.

    thanks for sharing


  4. What a unique idea for a series. Such a good way to arouse kids' interest in wildlife issues without being preachy. Thanks for such a good review.

  5. What a unique idea for a series. And what a great way to arouse kids' interest in wildlife issues without being preachy. Thanks for the good reveiw.

  6. My daughter just came up behind me and said "hey thats Bindi!" And so she and I read your post! I half to get the book now, lol!