Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wacky Laws That Are Still on The Books in Michigan-America the Beautiful Series

Michigan (America the Beautiful. Third Series)

I am using this post for the Blog Hop. I am an award-winning children's book author. For more info on my books you can look at the rest of my blog or check out my website at http://www.reneeahand.com/ I also review children's books for publishers as well as various authors. Thanks for stopping by from the blog hop.

My boys and I went to the library to check out some books. My older son picked out this book about Michigan. Well, we live in Michigan so it's always interesting to learn more about ones state. Well, as we read I noticed some interesting information. Wacky laws that are still on the books that no one knows about. The book mentions a few but, being curious, I decided to do a little research on the topic to find out more. Here is what I found. Keep in mind that some of these are specfic to certain towns in Michigan, not necessarily the entire state.

The last Sunday in June each year is Log Cabin Day in Michigan.

In Michigan, it is legal to kill a dog for attacking chickens, livestock or people, but you can't snuff the pooch in a high altitude decompression chamber or by electrocution.

According to law, if a man and wife kiss on Sunday, the guilty party shall be punished.

It is against the law for a woman to cut her hair without her husband's permission.

There is a law that states that "it is legal for a farmer to sleep with his pigs, cows, horses, goats, and chickens."

It is illegal to abandon a hoopskirt on any public street or sidewalk, with a penalty of $5 for each offense.

The law states that anyone appearing in public in a bathing suit must have it inspected by a police officer.

You cannot tie up your horse to a fire hydrant.

It's illegal to let your pig run free in Detroit without a nose ring.
It's illegal to sell a car on Sunday.
Five years in prison for seducing and corrupting an unmarried girl. 
Getting drunk on a train is prohibited.
Adultery can be punishable by law only if your spouse files a complaint.
Throughout the state, it is illegal to chain your alligator to a fire hydrant.

Some of these are very interesting and of course, some are very old. But it has to make you laugh anyway. The series of books in the America the Beautiful Series covers all of the 50 states. Each has great and amazing information about the states history, people, travel guides, fun facts and much more. In the back of the books it contains projects that children can do to further understanding life, people and events in a particular state and its government. A real valuable tool when doing a research report. It combines lots of good facts. Like one stop shopping.
Let me know if there are any more wacky laws in other states or in Michigan that we can share. Thanks!

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  8. Funny stuff. Found a following you from the Fun Weekend Blog Hop. And just so y'all don't think Kentucky is COMPLETELY normal, here are a few wacky laws from the Bluegrass State:

    - In Kentucky, a man may not marry his wife's grandmother.

    - Sleeping on the floor of the Kentucky State House is prohibited.

    - According to Kentucky law, " burglary can only be committed in the night-time ".

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