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Children's Book Review for The Destiny of Solil Akwee by Larry Estes

The Destiny of Solil Akwee

The Destiny of Solil Akwee by Larry Estes

Tate Publishing
February 1, 2011
24 Pages
Ages 9-12
Fiction      Children’s      Picture Book

The Destiny of Solil Akwee is a poetic tale that brings the word soliloquy to life through the character Solil Akwee.

A soliloquy is a word often used in acting. It is when a character gives a speech on stage, but doesn’t address any other character specifically. It is the characters thoughts and feelings to the audience.

Solil Akwee lives in a tree near the sea. He is a Kwee, which is a turtle without its shell. He loves to read and often does so aloud to himself. He reads about knights, kings and elves. He is the hero coming to save the day. He performs near a cliff facing the sea, reciting poems and songs where the forest animals gather along, they watch behind him without a sound.

Solil Akwee turns around and sees the audience of animals gathering. Speaking to himself was one thing, but speaking in front of an audience was clearly another. Will he have the confidence to perform his first soliloquy?

The artwork is cute and colorful. Giving the reader the feel of what is going on in the story, explaining it well.

The Destiny of Solil Akwee is a delightful 24 page picture book that inspires children to remember that practice makes perfect, and never give up trying. Solil Akwee was good at acting and performing. He was enthusiastic and glowed when retelling stories—it was natural for him. In his heart he was a performer. He just needed the confidence to fulfill his destiny.

This is a great book for children who love acting and want to understand more about what a soliloquy is. Perfect book to have on hand for drama classes and clubs or a fun and simple read for children to learn about something new. Purchasers will also receive a free download of the story along with the paperback copy of the book. Book is available through Amazon, Tate Publishing and many other locations.

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