Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review for Racoon Tales by Joy E DeKok

Raccoon Tales
By Joy E DeKok
Jabberwocky Press, 2009

Raccoon Tales is a true story about the raising of five baby raccoons. The author shares her experiences with the reader and explains what happened to these little critters in that first year of their lives. In the beginning, they rested a lot and loved being held. Each of the raccoons were different, so they were given names. There was Chatter, Lucy, Shadow, Meeko and RC. The raccoons began to drink milk, but it was soon not enough, so they had to start eating fruit, cereal and other foods. Then Meeko becomes sick, but is nursed back to health. RC escapes from his outdoor cage and begins to wander the world, but soon returns. By the end of a year, it was time for the raccoons release back into the wild.

DeKok tells this story with charming rhyme and with the belief and reassurance that God is watching over all, including animals. Children will find the pictures delightful while the story teaches the reader about baby raccoons and some of the things they need in order to survive without a mother. The bible verses at the end of each chapter will inspire children to look beyond their worries and to be able to put some of them in God's hands. DeKok also leaves a section in the back of her book that gives the reader more information about raccoons.

Raccoon Tales show that we must take care of animals that are in need of help, and though they do not have voices that can tell us how they feel or what is wrong, their actions and unmistakable importance in this world can touch our hearts causing us to do what is right. The rest is in God’s hands.

Renee Hand is the award-winning author of The Crypto-Capers Series.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of Joy's book. My girls loved this one. If your readers are interested, I'm running a giveaway for a copy of Raccoon Tales at my blog.

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