Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th Book Tour & Updates

Hello Everyone,
For today on my virtual book tour, I am being interviewed by the following blog:
Please check it out. I will be talking to everybody about my writing process. Feel free to comment or to ask me questions. I am more than happy to reply to them. After my book tour I will be putting interviews up of children's books so if anyone is an author of a children's book and would like me to review their book. Please contact me at I post the interview on several sites, including all of mine. I am also going to be reviewing products for homeschool parents/teachers. If anyone homeschools their children and is looking for new products that might help them or if you have a product that you feel really helped make a difference in your child's education, let me know and I will post it on my website or put an article up.

Cryptograms for yesterday were posted. If you didn't get them, at the end of next week I will post all of them for everyone, don't worry. Everyone will have a chance at earning a free book or poster, by posting comments at my tour stops or solving the cryptograms.

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