Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review for Operation Bumpkin Birthday by Petrina Khashoggi


Operation Bumpkin Birthday is a fun and wonderfully illustrated 56 page picture book about a trio of rat brothers, Snitch, Snatch, and Sketch, who are constantly looking for scraps of food to eat down in the subway where they live. Wanting to go on an adventure they come across more food than they would ever know what to do with. But Snatch has an idea that is different than the plan his brothers had come up with, will he be able to pull it off before he gets caught by the Bumpkins?

This story is fun and entertaining for children who are 6-10 years of age. Though the theme of family in encompassed in the book it also shows how Snatch went his own way, following his stomach. Though he had been starving in the subway his new life was much better, or was it? Being without his brothers Snatch realized how much he appreciated and loved them. It did set his priorities a little more in order. Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Snatch just didn't realize until too late that he could have both family and food in his belly.

The illustrations for this book by Michael Graham are brightly colored and artistically done so well that the rats look real enough to touch. They blend with the story well and bring out perfectly the what the author intended. Children will love to look at the pictures and imagine themselves along with the characters.

  • Series: Operation Bumpkin Birthday (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 56 pages
  • Publisher: Full Cycle Publications; 1st edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1704063701
  • ISBN-13: 978-1704063706

Three brothers, Snitch, Snatch and Sketch, are tired of foraging for scraps of food in the subway where they live. It’s not easy being a rat. One night, they go on an adventure through the city so that they will never go hungry again. After arriving at a house belonging to the Bumpkin family, they discover that a birthday party is taking place the next day for ten-year-old Horatio. The brothers hatch a clever plot to join the festivities and get the maximum amount of food – without getting caught. But one greedy brother spoils things with a plan of his own.

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