Monday, June 29, 2015

Interview with Diane Williams for Angels in Action

Come and join me as I talk with author Diane Williams about her novel Angels in Action on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1pm EST today.

Book Summary:

Angels in Action demonstrates how the author called on the power of her Creator to bring about positive changes in her life. This compilation of seventeen personal inspirational accounts tells of her experiences of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; professional, familial, and financial trials, as well as, the building relationships. They demonstrate how a woman learns to live with the knowledge and strength afforded by a relationship with a power greater than herself, and how she is transformed into a healthy, whole individual by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through these stories the reader will gain a renewal of perspective and learn how to view obstacles in life as God showing His face in order for us, His children, to build strong, unshakable foundations.

Angels in Action

About the Author

Diane Williams was raised in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Brooklyn College where she received a bachelor’s in sociology, and University of La Verne where she received a master’s in communication. Williams works as a freelance writer; writing books, book reviews, profiles, and feature journalistic articles in La Verne, CA. She is soon to release her memoir, The Invisible Child. Diane Williams maintains two blogs: &

Angels in Action is a calling of The Lord. Each short story in this book is about a moment in the author's life that showed her how to trust in The Lord and how listening to him helped her through some difficult situations. The stories in this book will help inspire others and possibly give them some help on how to handle certain situations that is happening in their own lives. Whether it be from   making a poor decision to something life changing, the author shows how taking a step back and listening to The Lord can guide you in the right direction.   

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  1. The radio show went great. Thanks so much for being a guest. I think that your book will touch many people.