Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pay it Forward to Linda Mims

Welcome Linda Mims! Pay it Forward Day!

Writer-Blogger over at -Motivational Speaker-Retired Diva! My tweets briefly reflect my opinions. Join me at BOOMACIOUS! 

What is a Boomacious Woman? by Linda Mims

About Boomacious:

Who is the Boomacious woman! It’s a woman who is so fabulously happy to transition into the second phase of her life that even God is excited for her. A Boomacious woman embraces her age, weight, marital status, and any perceived shortcomings and never allows them to stop her show. She doesn’t care what people think, or what they do. She has learned to live and let live. That is Boomacious!
“Boomacious”, the blog, is dedicated to this woman!
Boomacious women lead businesses! Are entrepreneurs! Care for elderly parents! Process decisions daily about housing, food, clothing, automobiles, investments, etc. for multi-generational families.
A Boomacious woman is spirited, adventurous, and stylish! She remembers the woman she was in the 70’s, but now she’s ready to share her knowledge with generations Y and X. “Boomacious”, the blog, inspires Baby Boomer Women to redefine themselves and it identifies trends that will allow these women to embrace the second phase of their lives.
Join us as we explore literature, lifestyles, entertainment, technology, and travel for all ages. We’re 
not stuck on numbers. If it feels good, and you can still do it—go for it!
We’re eager to hear from you! Send all correspondence to
Stay healthy! Stay stylish! Stay inspired!
Join her on her blog and learn about other authors, their books, and Linda's views about life and being fabulous.

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