Thursday, May 14, 2015

Interview with Kathleen Andrews Davis for The Blue Velvet

Come and join me as I talk with author Kathleen Andrews Davis about her children's book The Blue Velvet (Emerson's Attic Book 1) on Stories From Unknown Authors at 1pm EST today. 

Emerson's Attic-The Blue Velvet

The Blue Velvet is a delightful story of a teenage girl and her family history. Upon cleaning the attic Emerson finds a blue velvet hat in a trunk and puts it upon her head. At that moment her whole life changes. She is thrust back into the 1800's where she is a maid at Harrington Hall. Though her new life takes lots of getting used to she realizes how much she is needed. She becomes close friends with the Harrington's daughter, Genevieve. It is this close relationship, and the help from her grandfather who sends her clues in dreams, that Emerson changes the future. She saves Genevieve's life and in turn opens her world up to many possibilities. 

Ms. Davis does a wonderful job sucking the reader into the history of Emerson's life and where she comes from. When looking at old items we sometimes don't think about the lives of the people who owned them. What they had gone through and the trials they had to endure. Sometimes we just think of them as junk. But Ms. Davis gives us a look into this characters life and gets us thinking about all the possibilities. Next time we look at an old hat or item a past relative had, we will look at it differently. 

Children from 4th grades and up with enjoy reading this 128 page book about Emerson's journey and will look forward to learning more about this interesting character. 

Book Summary:
Emerson McBride is a normal American teenager. She goes to school, plays soccer, and roams the mall with friends. Her life is just like any other 14-year-old’s until she is sent to clean the attic in the old Victorian as punishment for fighting with her younger brother.

Suddenly, she is thrown back in time to a totally foreign world. Frightened, and armed only with dreams of her grandfather, Emerson ventures into the unknown.

How did she get here? Who are these people? Where is she and why is she here? These questions and many more follow Emerson into a new life in a new land.

About the Author

Kathleen Andrews Davis lives in the mountains of rural Central Pennsylvania with her husband -- and a horde of white-tail deer who insist on annihilating all her attempts at gardening. After a long and varied working career, including business writing, she and her husband renovated an old house into a bed and breakfast. "When we sold our lovely Victorian B&B after hard work and great satisfaction," she says, it left a hole in my heart and I found myself with an indistinguishable yearning. Watching my aunt, Judith Redline Coopey, fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a successful published author started the little wheels in my head turning. If I like commercial writing, then why shouldn't I like creative writing." This book is a satisfaction of the author's yearning -- the desire to leave a legacy for her grandchildren and young readers everywhere -- and is the first in a series of stories about her very courageous and imaginative heroine, Emerson McBride.
  • Series: Emerson's Attic
  • Paperback: 122 pages
  • Publisher: Jemerson Press (June 3, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0989438910
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989438919

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