Friday, June 27, 2014

Sports and Children

As most kids are involved in sports, let's remind ourselves that they are not perfect and will make mistakes. We, ourselves, need to step back and see what our children are capable of. If we don't see what squirt can do, then how can we know what squirt can do?  So parents, let's breath and control our emotions when our children make mistakes, and instead of yelling and screaming, adding more pressure to their already busy and stressed out lives, let's practice with them showing them our support and ultimately helping them get better. Children are children and may not be able to find the way themselves, though they dearly want to improve. They need us to guide them, not us counting on someone else to show them the way. For that, dear friends, is where trouble begins when our children have to depend on someone else to show them, for who knows who will lead them astray from their ultimate goal. 

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I will learn
Include me and I will remember

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