Friday, June 6, 2014

Mystery Challenge #6 Answer

"Logic is paramount, Mia." Max was in a thoughtful mood, pacing slowly up and down the length of the sitting room. "The better able you are to pick apart a problem in your mind and evaluate all of the ramifications it encompasses, the stronger will be your deductive reasoning."

"Of course," Mia replied.

"So, then. Let us say that I know of a particular fellow. Today is a singular occasion, for two days ago, he was 25 years of age, but next year, he will be 28. How is such a thing possible?"


"Our chaps birthday is New Years Eve, Mia, and our singular day is January 1st. Two days ago, on December 30th, he was 25. The next day, he attained 26. Today is the start of the new year, and at the end of the year he will become 27. At the end of the following year, therefore, he will be 28."

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