Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Interview for Santa's Sugar by Jane Gerencher

Come and join me as I talk with author Jane Gerencher for her picture book Santa's Sugar on Stories From Unknown Authors @ 1pm EST

Santa's Sugar

  • Hardcover: 51 pages
  • Publisher: Inkwell Productions (June 22, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0985250135
  • ISBN-13: 978-0985250133

  • Book Summary:

    Nugget, a little elf in Santa's workshop, has difficulty finding his place and purpose. After various job attempts in and out of the workshop, Nugget accepts the responsibility of caring for Santa's beloved cat, Sugar. He does well at his job until one Christmas Eve when Sugar can't be found. Desperate to find her, Nugget is aided by a friendly reindeer. The themes of teamwork, fairness, gratitude, friendship, and doing the right thing flow gently under a delightful story of self discovery with charming illustrations to match.


    Jane Gerencher spent most of her life in eastern PA, but now resides in AZ. She earned a BA in English at Moravian College and an MA in English at the Pennsylvania State University. She has taught English at the middle school, high school, community college and 4 year college levels. Her longest tenure was at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem PA. She wrote a newspaper column for 2 years, entitled "Dear Teacher." She says that Santa's Sugar is a Christmas story for children and for the child in all of us.


    Santa's Sugar is a sweet tale about a boy named, Nugget, who had a hard time finding his place in Santa's Workshop where he fit in. It wasn't until Mrs. Claus gave Santa a sugary white cat for Christmas that Nugget found his calling. Santa appointed him in charge of taking care of Sugar. It was a big responsibility and Nugget, as well as others, doubted that he could do it, but Nugget proved how good of a caretaker he could be. It wasn't until Christmas, a year later, when Nugget became distracted, that he had made a terrible mistake and now Sugar could be in danger because of it.

    This wonderfully illustrated 51 page picture book, is a great story readers of all ages will learn from and appreciate. Everyone makes mistakes and Nugget learns along with Santa that mistakes in life are made, but it takes much courage and bravery to try and fix them. Children will adore this story, making it their new favorite around the holiday season.



    1. Thank you for being on the show. Your book is truly a Christmas treasure.

    2. I enjoyed talking with you, Renee. It is always fun to share my views about Santa's Sugar and its many underlying themes. The story was fun to write, and now I get to talk about it too!

      I am also absorbing the recent announcement that I received. Santa's Sugar has won a second prize in the Royal Dragonfly Book Contest for 2012!

      I think Nugget and Santa would tell me that it has been a very good December! Maybe Santa will let me ride home in the sleigh, too!

      Wishing you and your listeners a Merry Christmas-- Jane Gerencher