Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review for The Case of the Purple Diamonds by H.K. Gilbert and Misty Taggart

The Case of the Purple Diamonds (Barkley, Secret Service Dog 1)

The Case of the Purple Diamonds (Barkley Secret Service Dog 1) by H.K. Gilbert, Misty Taggart & Tim Davis
TAG Publishing LLC
May 23, 2011
Ages 9-12
88 Pages
ISBN-10: 1934606073
ISBN-13: 978-1934606070
Children’s Chapter Book        
H.K. Gilbert-Creator of Barkley, Secret Service Dog, has always dreamed of writing children's books. This children's book was inspired by her beautiful daughter. Watching her face filled with excitement as they read bedtime stories together inspired her to not only write books for children but to share the importance of parent and child interaction. Gilbert believes that when parents take an extra five to ten minutes a day to sit down with their child and read to them will not only teach them valuable skills but create a strong bond between parent and child.
   The Case of the Purple Diamonds is a fun romp in the life of a secret service dog whose goal is to help protect the White House.

Barkley is an adorable, no-nonsense Basset Hound whose owner is Agent Knox. Barkley secretly helps his owner protect the White House from intruders. He has some great gadgets kept in his collar that provides him with whatever he needs to help him solve a case—and to help prevent fleas. He even has a computer tucked smartly inside of his collar. It is very high-tec.
As Barkley makes his rounds surveying the White House grounds, he spots a possible intruder hiding in some bushes. As he sniffs closer, he learns the man’s name is Smedley Von Smellerhausen, who is pretending to have a press pass from the country of Pajoon.  Something was definitely amiss as he overheard Smedley talk about purple diamonds from Pajoon being hidden in the White House. Barkley Secret Service Dog was on the case.
Still early in the case Barkley meets Gabby, Tessa’s (the head housekeepers) granddaughter, who now lives in the White House. Not wanting to associate with her, and tired of her childish banter, he reveals to her that he can speak and that he is after Smedley. Gabby and Barkley become fast friends and agree to join forces to help stop Smedley from getting the purple diamonds that were hidden somewhere in the White House.
Between interesting disguises, and awesome gadgets, will Barkley and Gabby stop Smedley from finding the diamonds before he can use them for his evil plan?

This was a delightfully funny 88-page chapter book that children from the ages of 9-12 will enjoy. The text is simple and interesting enough for younger children to begin reading as well, though they will run across some challenging words here and there. Older children will love the adventure and the interesting facts provided in the text.

Children, who love mysteries and are interested in history and the White House, will really enjoy Barkley and the information the story reveals about the rooms, the grounds, the presidents and so on. All information is relayed as a part of the story so children will be learning and not even realizing it. Gabby and Barkley make a great team and the reader will be able to see how they can help each other. For being the first case, this story was well developed and takes a different twist to the everyday mystery. Children will eagerly await the next book in the series.  


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