Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Books

Because it is President's Day, and of course George Washington's birthday coming up, I have chosen books that not only talk about some presidents, but talk about the histories of other fine Americans, who helped build our wonderful country. What led up to their presidencies, or what went on in their childhoods, or how they got the reputations. These are fun books that give the reader a different perspective of these amazing men. Remember that not all of them were presidents, but these men knew each other and fought for the same causes.

 John, Paul, George & Ben (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards (Awards))

This book is a fun book that talks about John Hancock, George Washington, Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin in their early years. Book is for ages 4-8. It is a picture book with very nice artwork. It gives brief information about each person. At the end of the book is a fun true and false section that will interest the reader.

 Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington
What is interesting about this book is that it talks of the youth of George Washington. He worked hard to become a man who was polite, clever, fair and wise, loyal and true. He never dreamed he would be a president, but when the duty called, he answered. He grew much during his younger years to become the man who led a country.

How George Washington Saved The American Revolution (The Crossing)

There is another book about George Washington's battles that I reviewed. The link is above. This is a detailed history and is on a more serious note. But is detailed really well. It was great to learn all the history and how he had grown during the war.

A Feast of Freedom: Tasty Tidbits from City Tavern

This is an interesting story about some great Americans, including George Washington, that is based off an actual City Tavern in Philadelphia. It is now a restaurant. The story is based off a tremendous amount of actual information that incorporated many people in history who had visited the restaurant and had done business there. Readers will find this story very interesting. It also includes a time-line of historic events and a recipe for Old-Fashioned Corn Bread.

Stay tuned for one of my new releases coming up here in March. Do You Have Ants In Your Pants That Make You Dance? for children in lower elementary school. It is a coloring book that speaks of the imagination of children and how they hold true to their dreams.

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