Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book Review for Holiday Poems for Children by Barbara Bryan

Holiday Poems for Children by Barbara Bryan

Outskirts Press

Holiday Poems for Children is a collection of twenty poems that covers almost every holiday of the year, from Valentine ’s Day to Christmas. Each poem is focused on either the history of the particular holiday or the popular and most well known characters of it. Children will enjoy the simplistic and easy to understand rhyme learning about the meanings of the holidays or the feelings that every child has experienced during them.

The full page illustrations were colorful and filled with meaning. Children will be able to share in the same memories or can understand the images the illustrator inspires. The cover of this book was very nicely developed, covering the holidays throughout the year, attracting the readers attention. The drawback of this book is that the interior illustrations were done in crayon, colored pencil and marker and appeared childlike, distracting away from the poems. Illustrations are huge when the book is a picture book. They are a draw to the reader and are important in understanding the poems meaning because it is the first thing the reader focuses on, words become secondary.

When reading poetry, the words should capture the reader, making them think about what the author had in mind or what they represented, to be able to feel the author’s emotions. The poems didn't capture the essence that majority of poetry elicits regardless if the poetry is for children or adults. Young children will enjoy the simplicity of the poems created for this book for easy understanding, inspiring them to write and illustrate their own books, but older children will find it lacking in texture.

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