Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Review For The Raindrop

The Raindrop by Brian D. McClure

(Universal Flag Publishing, February 1, 2006)

The Raindrop is a beautifully illustrated picture book about a raindrop and its place in the world. The story begins with the Raindrop having a discussion with a cloud. The Raindrop tells the cloud that he is smaller than small, and that he feels that he has no use at all. The cloud tells the Raindrop of its importance in the world, and that he should rethink his worth, but the Raindrop does not listen and chooses not to believe the cloud. His head is too filled with negative ideas and thoughts about himself. As the Raindrop falls to the ground and gets sucked into the parched earth, which seriously needs water because it is going through a drought, the Raindrop fears being alone. It still does not see its purpose.

Then the rains come and fill the earth with water, bringing everything back to life again, and still the Raindrop cannot see its purpose. It is not until a farmer uses water from a well, which sucks up the Raindrop and sprays it all around his fields of corn, that he finally sees his purpose. He is a part of the water system all along, which is indeed, very important to the world. He has always been a part of something special, but never saw it until that day. The Raindrop is happy again. He now understands his gifts and what he was born to do, and that was to help hydrate the world. If things do not all work together, nothing would exist, including us. The sun, moon and earth must create a balance, which they do and because of this we can maintain life. Everything has a purpose, sometimes we just don't see what our purpose is until we discover it for ourselves.

This adventurous journey uncovers many truths, which help the Raindrop remember the higher purpose of his life. This story also teaches us about the water cycyle and how important it is. This is a simple, heartfelt story that allows children and adults of all ages to remember the truth of who they are and their place in the world. Everyone is important and everyone is needed.

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This book was sent to me for review from Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tours. Thank you so much.
Renee Hand

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