Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review for The Cloud Seekers, A Pirate Ship in the Clouds, by Robert Calixto

The Cloud Seekers, A Pirate Ship In The Clouds by Robert L. Calixto
(Halo Publishing, March 31, 2010)

The Cloud Seekers, A Pirate Ship In The Clouds, is a story about a group of friends who are known as The Cloud Seekers. One day they were sitting in their tree house high up in a tree, after attending their friend Teresa’s birthday party, where she was called Princess Teresa for her special day. The group gazed up into the heavenly sky and realized that many of the clouds looked like different shapes and objects, like a dog, a hat, a heart, a key, an umbrella, and many other shapes that their imaginations allowed them to see.

The clouds that were most fascinating to the group of friends were the ones shaped as a long train that seemed to move so effortlessly through the sky as if it had passengers to pick up. Another, was of a pirate ship that appeared so detailed and real that one could almost walk on it and have an adventure in the skies. It was at that moment The Cloud Seekers discovered their true calling.

This picture book brings an interesting twist to a childhood memory. I can remember a time, not so long ago, when I would gaze into the sky and see all the various shapes in the clouds my imagination could muster. I still do that today on occasion, along with my children. This is a great book that children are going to read and enjoy. If a child hasn’t begun to notice the clouds in the sky and the images their imaginations can uncover before, they certainly will after reading this delightful story.

An interview with the author Robert Calixto, will be posted tomorrow along with an opportunity for a book give-away. Please check it out then.

His book can be ordered through Amazon at the following link.

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