Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Review for Travels To Fahdamin-Ra

Here is a new review for Travels To Fahdamin-Ra which is a fantasy story for children.

The lives of fourteen and twelve year old Celestine and Joel Bridges change forever when they uncover a family secret. They are descendants of “Creators” who were given a world to rule with superhuman powers. The siblings travel to the world of Fahdamin-Ra and use their newfound abilities. Making friends among the three tribes, the Harun, the Masamba, and the Jabulani, they joyfully use their powers to cure, fly, and create animals. However, their fun soon turns to serious work when the Fahdamins are threatened by the evil Shadow Men, who have unusual abilities of their own. Can they triumph over this group of brutal men, or will they be expelled from Fahdamin-Ra forever?

Travels to Fahdamin-Ra is a well developed and creative story that keeps the readers interest right to the very end. The suspense and the intensity of the story forces the reader into wanting to know every detail of what is going on so they can imagine themselves in the same world as the characters, wanting to do their good work. Celestine and Joel discover a secret stone necklace that was passed down from generation to generation. Though no family member knows exactly what it does, the curiosities of the children soon uncover the mystery. While reading a verse found with the necklace they are transported to a world that is quite different from their own where they discover many interesting things about what the necklace is and who they are. They go back and forth between the worlds to get their father and mother so they can also see the wondrous place.

Upon talking with many people from the Harun tribe, they soon discover that they are almost like royalty. There was a prophecy many years ago, where a man and his two children would come and bring peace throughout the land. Celestine, Joel and their Father, are known as, “Creators” who supposedly created the world of Fahdamin-Ra. As the trio explore they soon come upon information that talks of past “Creators” and what they could do and what they believed. They learn that they have superhuman powers where they can heal the sick, fly, talk with animals, read minds, and so on. Determined to do what is right, they use their powers wisely, making lots of friends and in the process healing some of the problems between the tribes creating a peace that we wish our world could learn from. And yet with this new found friendship comes a problem that all the tribes seem to have—Shadow Men. These Shadow Men are run by the Sun Lord, who wants the power of the stone for himself. Because of his greed he hurts, deceives, and kills the people of Fahdamin-Ra, damaging everything in his path regardless of the consequences. This story is thick with compassion, understanding, friendship and love, and the knowledge that all things do not have to end in war and distrust. With a little bit of compromise and with the determination and strength to face the things we most fear, we can solve any problem. The ending also leads the reader into believing that there might be another adventure to Fahdamin-Ra coming soon, I hope I am correct. Overall, this story was well written and I hope that many people enjoy it as much as I have.

About the Author:
Chaz Young lives in Bath, Maine, with her husband Arnold and her two children, Callista and Toliver. Though born and raised in Maine, Chaz has lived in California, Virgina, and Puerto Rico.
Chaz wrote her book, "Travels to Fahdamin-Ra" for her children because they wanted a fantasy adventure story where brown kids like them were the heros. She is fascinated by Africa, especially West Africa and Nigeria in particular. She supports "Working Villages, International," donating part of the proceeds from her book sales to help them..

Hardcover: 264 pages
Publisher: Eloquent Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1606933701
ISBN-13: 978-1606933701

Book can be bought through by the following link:

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