Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Review for the Chickadee Series

Today I am reviewing a delightful series by author Carol Zelaya called the Emily Chickadee Series. This is a three-part series written in easy-reading rhyme.

Book 1-Emily Waits for her Family- Follow this true story of the special bond between a tiny bird and a little girl, from first meeting to leaving, from new life to old friends.

The first book begins in spring with the arrival of a Chickadee who is soon to become a mommy. The Chickadees name is Emily. The girl watches the changes the Chickadee goes through, from laying her eggs, to them hatching and watching the babies grow, all from her window. Then in her backyard these birds begin to make a home.

Book 2-Caring for Emily's Family-is a continuation of the Chickadee series.
Enjoy this tale of Emily and her new Chickadee family as they settle into their permanent home in the little girl’s yard.

The second book goes into summer, with the Chickadees returning to the little girls yard. The story then proceeds to inform the reader of all the things birds need in order to live in someone's backyard, which I thought was very interesting and informative.

Book 3-Emily's New Home-Is the final installment of the Emily Chickadee series, follow Emily as she travels to join her life-long friend at her new home. Emily’s New Home is a powerful tale of love, loyalty and the bond between a special bird and her little girl.

The third book begins in the fall when the little girl moves from her home into another far away. Worried that she will never see her Emily again, the little girl begins to become very sad. Then one day, she sees the building of a nest and realizes that her Chickadee Emily has found her and is prepared to begin another family, wanting to be with her again.

The Author:

Carol Zelaya lives and writes in the Portland, OR area. She has written Emily’s story in hope of educating children about nature’s precious gifts. The wonder of nature is all around us, even in our own backyard, when we take the time to notice.

Zelaya is touring the Pacific Northwest in 2008 and is donating signed copies of her book to several low-income neighborhood schools and libraries to share her love of reading and nature.

My Review:

Overall these books were very good. They are the perfect size for children. My boys were carrying them around and reading them everywhere. The story was well thought out being in three books. It was interesting to see the journey of Emily and the life of a Chickadee throughout the seasons, as well as the devotion of birds and the connection they have with people. I am a nature girl and I love learning about animals and nature. These books were informative and entertaining, really showing a child, as well as parents, how special the connection can be between nature and people. Please check out Carol's website for more information about the series as well as to learn more about Chickadees. Also, at the end of each book there is a Chickadee log. Children can record information they observe when they see a Chickadee. It is a great learning tool and gets kids excited about bird watching.

Published by Richlee Publishing
Children's book/Nature
Appropriate for ages 4 and up

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