Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trumpet of the Swan Review

Trumpet of the Swan by E.B White
Although he lacks a voice in the traditional "Ko-hoh!" sense, trumpeter swan Louis learns to speak to the world with a trumpet stolen from a music store by his father. With the support of an unusual boy named Sam, who helps Louis learn how to read and write, the swan has some rather unswanlike adventures as he tries to earn the money to pay back the trumpet, determined to bring his father out of shame from stealing it and causing a lot of damage. Louis's hard work brought him knowledge of the world around him and the love of traveling to different places. With love constantly on his mind he ultimately wins the heart--and the freedom--of a beautiful swan named Serena.
For over 30 years, E.B. White's masterpiece has captured the fancy of countless readers. Now, with stunning new art by award-winning illustrator Fred Marcellino, the beloved story can be experienced anew. The sepia-colored drawings lend an old-fashioned charm to the story--it's almost as if, with their complementary dry wit and uniquely creative talents, White and Marcellino originally worked together.
Our Opinion:
What a great book! It has been awhile since I have read this book, so I am glad that we picked it up and read it again. We love to read the classics. This story has such a good message in it. Even though Louis was born without a voice, he did not let it stop him from doing the things that he wanted to do in his life. He learned how to read and write. He got several jobs so he could earn money to pay off the trumpet that has helped him so much. He flies around with several things around his neck. A chalk pencil and chalk board, a bag of money, his trumpet (which he cleaned often and took really good care of), and a medal for saving a child's life. He was an amazing character who showed determination and strength. Without having a voice he knew he would have a hard time finding a mate, but with his sweet sounding trumpet, and his gift of music, he woos her. This story is filled with hope and determination, adventure and devotion. We absolutely loved it.
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins; Collectors edition (October 3, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0064408671
ISBN-13: 978-0064408677
Content is appropriate for children of all ages. Cleanly written.

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