Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Computer Workbooks

Today I am posting information about some new computer workbooks that I have had the pleasure of learning about.

Here is the editor of those workbooks-Jacqui Murray. Towards the end of July I will be interviewing her about these workbooks and about her other accomplishments. Will post more about that soon.

Here's a summary of the K-5 workbooks:

A year's-worth of age-appropriate computer lessons--32 multimedia projects--in MS Word, Publisher, Excel (starts in third grade), (PowerPoint finishes up in fourth grade) Photoshop (fifth grade only), Google Earth, keyboarding, computer parts, vocabulary, and solving the most common problems faced on the computer. The unique combination of projects and skills, introduced according to a proven timetable, morph a student from computer novice to enthusiast. No other technology learning system has been tested in more circumstances, with more teacher experience levels, from home schooling to running a computer lab. You'll find step-by-step lesson plans and a year's worth of homework (third-fifth only), enhanced with the most popular internet edutainment sites, examples of completed work, vocabulary builders and collaborations with classroom curriculum that meet and exceed ISTE, NCLB and most state elementary school technology standards--all done by providing a sense of wonder along the way and achievement at the end. This is a six-volume technology training series for kindergarten through fifth grade. During these years, students learn tens of hundreds of computer skills while exploring math, science, literature, grammar, spelling, problem-solving, critical thinking. See the publisher's website for free downloads and more details.

Age group: 5-10

Price range:

$18.99 (K-1), $22.99 (2-5)--hardcopy on or publisher's website $11.97 for workbook ebooks (available on Available: ebooks (, hard copy ( Press link for sample: for books.

Here's a summary of the Project bundles (ages 5-12): What's included in each bundle:· Five to eight technology-specific step-by-step lessons, including reproducibles, grading rubrics, sample projects, extensions for advanced students and troubleshooting tips·

Next-day delivery via email in the universally-readable .pdf format·

How projects integrate technology into your curriculum whether you're the classroom teacher, the lab teacher or home-schooling your child·

A summary of each project, suggested grade level and prior knowledge, time required, software required, and projects that should be completed prior to this one·

A summary of which higher-order thinking skills and which NETS-S technology-specific skills are covered

Age group: 5-14

Price range: $1.97 for individual lesson plans (only ebooks on $1.97-9.99 for single or bundled themed lesson plans (only ebooks on and Publisher website)

Available: ebooks ( or Publisher website

Please feel free to comment on the workbooks. They are a really useful tool I think all parents are going to use and love in their homeschool curriculum. Check it out. Coming soon will be the author's interview.

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