Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Power of Kindness

The power of kindness is an amazing thing. Yesterday, I was running a fundraiser for breast cancer. The people who attended the event were amazing. I knew many of the women and the fact that they came out to spend hours supporting the event, bidding on items and such, amazes me. It made me think. Then when we went out to dinner afterward, spending time with my parents after they helped me at the event, I experienced more interesting happenings.

There was an older woman standing behind me, I was standing as well, and I asked her if she wanted to sit down. She told me that it was okay, all the seats were taken. I went over to my son, who was sitting in a chair, and he gave up his sit for her. People were looking at us strangely but what amazed me is that no one else had offered the woman their seat.

In the bathroom my mother had a conversation with another woman and they were respectful to each other just by being courteous and nice when going into the stall and who was first and so on.

At dinner the waiter was respectful to us as we were to him. All this made me think that no matter where we are or what we do, if we just respected each other, everyone would get along. It was such a pleasant afternoon and it was because of the respect and kindness everyone showed each other.

The power of people can travel long distances or short. But one thing will always be true. The power of kindness, whether it be giving up your chair to someone else, or just showing your support for something else, can impact a life in a positive way, maybe making someone else's day a little more special.

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