Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mystery Question #10 Answer

Mystery Question #10

"Though the Alps are wondrous, you know I have no great love for them," spouted Max as he wandered about the room reorganizing as he went. Max and Morris had been talking idly about skiers, remembering the last time they had gone skiing and the events that had ensued afterwards. "One of the lesser known perils is that it can be difficult to keep the precise time."

"You mean you get distracted?" popped in Morris as he dabbled on his computer.

"Not a bit," Max retorted. "Both our watches are scrupulously accurate, they need to be in our line of work. But if I were to go and spend a period of time up in the Alps, making sure to keep my watch at a healthy room temperature at all times, when I returned here our watches would show a noticeable difference. Despite the fact that the accuracy of my watch should not have suffered one iota from the experience. Can you account for it?"


"It's the difference in air pressure," Max informed Morris. "Higher up, the air is thinner. Makes it harder to breathe, but it also means that the air gives less resistance to the watch spring. This makes it run faster."

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