Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review for My Big World by Okido


My Big World by Okido
Thames & Hudson
June 1, 2013
ISBN-10: 0500650160
ISBN-13: 978-0500650165
Ages 4-8 years
64 Pages
Education & Reference, Earth Science

Reviewer: Renee Hand

“. . . offers a unique way for children to make connections with their world.”
My Big World is a new approach for young children to learn about geography and the science of our planet.
Starting with a child named Koko and her friend Alex, the book goes on to explore the horizons of the wider world. The reader follows along with three explorers who love nature: one who grows things, one who loves animals, and one who looks after the planet. This trio will show the reader what they discover throughout the book, including information about plants and animals, rivers and oceans, mountains and forests, weather and seasons, the sun, the moon, and the stars.  

Featuring imaginative and humorous images, My Big World offers a unique way for children to make connections with their world. This book can be used as a reference book, but is unique because it contains not only facts but has pages filled with fun activities.

The activities extend the learning even further, helping with comprehension. There are things to do both on and off the page, including games, recipes, and crafts.

Children ages 4–8 will get the most use out of this 64-page book. The topics on each page are brief, not in-depth only scratching the surface, igniting curiosity in the reader along with a bit of familiarity. Parents will also appreciate the variety of content. 

Reviewer Renee Hand is the award-winning author of a newly released picture book What Would You Do If You Were Left At The Zoo? 



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