Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interview with J.L. Wenning for Moonlight Curse

Come and join me as I talk with author Jeremy Wenning  for Moonlight Curse on Stories From Unknown Authors @ 11am EST today.

Author Bio:

Jeremy Wenning is a Graduate of Celina High School, Celina OH. He resides in Coldwater, OH with his wife Vickie, of 13 years, two daughters, Brianna & Lauren and two Chocolate Labs (Coco & Pebbles). He is an entrepreneur and works for Mercer Health transport squad. In Jeremy’s spare time, he enjoys writing & hunting, volunteers for the local emergency squad and coaches softball.


Benjamin’s family is on the verge of starvation until his father runs into something in the woods. That night, the light of the moon changes Benjamin forever. Everything in his life comes together...and then falls completely apart as the powerful and mysterious Ryan tears Benjamin's family away from him. Benjamin tries to pick up the shattered pieces of his life, learning more about the path he now walks. As he sets out to get back at Ryan and hopefully save his sister, he wonders: is the moonlight that shines upon him a blessing...or a curse?


Moonlight Curse is an adventurous ride into the lives of shapeshifters. With a curse that began by Benjamin's father in a desperate attempt to save his family from starvation, he is turned, and then turns everyone in his family, into wolves. Many things begin to happen that changes the lives of his family forever. Doing what he knows he must, he has to stay away from the main pack and begin his own, but the task his harder than it seems with many complications that steer him in the right and wrong directions. His loyal friend, Sarah, guides him and helps him save his sister Ashley, but with that comes much pain as well. Can Benjamin learn to live with his curse and save the people that mean the most to him?

This story will enthrall the reader from beginning to end. YA and adult readers who love a thrill and are interested in wolves, shapeshifting, and the unknown, will definetly enjoy this 225 page story.  


  1. Thanks for being on the show, J.L. Readers are going to love your book!