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Talented Writer's Showcase-1

For the next several weeks I am going to be posting stories from some very talented children. Throughout the year I will run various kinds of writer's workshops and do school events. Through my 25 years of writing I have discovered some great tips and tricks that can help children become better writer's. I always give an opportunity for the children in my workshops to send me a story. Each story will have a bio attached to it of the writer. Many of these children are from elementary schools or middle schools. Please visit and leave comments. They will be checking them throughout the day and weeks to come. Hope everyone will enjoy the talents of these budding authors.

My name is Emily and I am 10 years old. I’m in the 5th grade and I love science, social studies, and reading time. My favorite color is green. I love Halloween and Christmas. I came up with the title Granny’s Missing Glasses because my Grandma wears glasses. So I mixed it up and I wanted her in my story too! I had a fun time writing it and reading it at my school’s Writer’s Spotlight.

The Case of Granny’s Missing Glasses

"Hello?" Granny said.
"Granny, where are you?”
"At home doing laundry, why?"
"I’ll tell you when you get here.”
"Where’s it at?"
"11 mile road on little Mack."
"Be right there." Vroom! Vroom! Errk!
"I’m here, what’s the problem, Diana?"
"I found a cryptogram, it says…'Dear Mrs. Rachel'"
"That’s me," Granny said. "Keep reading."
"Ok, well, you need to figure out this cryptogram cause there’s something important you need to know. Enjoy.” Granny solved it as she bolted down the street.
Jason read it out loud. it said, "Meet me on 16 tomorrow. Granny, you better go.”
"I know! Don’t worry, let's all go home and go to sleep." So Granny and all of the other kids jumped in bed and fell asleep.
Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm went off. They got up, got dressed. Granny reached over for her glasses. They weren’t there. She looked up, down, around, under her bed, all around the house. She screamed, "Diana! Jason! Come here!"
Stomp, Stomp, Stomp! Diana and Jason bolted up stairs. "My glasses are gone.”
"My glasses..."
"No, no, no! Don’t repeat it. I can’t believe this happened. Where gonna fix this and where gonna fix this now." Diana and Jason are detectives so they left right away. “Hop in the car guys, we're going where the guy said.” It took them an hour to get there. They arrived at 7:00pm. As soon as they got out of the car there were stains on the cement that were purple. They looked up and Jimmy was right in front of them.
“What do you want?”
"Wanna play basketball?"
 “NO! We're busy."
"Whatever!” Jimmy left. When they appeared at the glasses store they walked in the doors and stopped in their tracks. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” Everybody stopped working and stared at Granny. “Have you seen some purple glasses?”
"Ya... sure...yes! A person just walked out with some glasses. They went to the lake." Granny, Diana, and Jason all ran to the car. They drove to the lake. When they got out of the car they looked around.
“Hey Granny, look, a cryptogram."
"Well, open it up."
It said, “Look over by the bridge.' Good job, Granny.”

“Well, where’s the bridge at?”
Diana said, “Over there!”
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” It was just a few seconds to walk to the bridge.
“Umm….. Jason, come here.”
“Is this fingerprint supposed to be here?”
“No, Granny! Look !”
“Oh my!” Granny said. “So, get a Ziploc bag and the cutups out.” Diana took the cutup and wiped it. Then put it in the bag.
“Nice” Jason said while staring right at the bag. “Well, what else could there be?”
“Look over there!”
“Over where?”
“Over there by the boats.They could of went on one of the boats. Let’s go!” While they where walking they kept seeing purple stains.
Again, Diana said, “Jason!” Sometimes Jason just wonders off like he’s in a magical land “JASON!”
“Come here, now. Why are there purple stains? Wait, is that paint?
Diana said, “I got it! They might have been painting the glasses over again to make it look like nothing was scratched off.”
“Great job, Diana!”
“Thank you!” They followed the purple stains and it lead to the boats!
“Ok, we’re here.” Diana looked. What she saw was a shadow that looked completely vicious. She slowly walked to the shadow and turned on the lights. “Excuse me?” Diana said. The chair spun around. “Aunt Angie? Why are you wearing Granny’s glasses?”
“You know I always come to the boat launch and read.”
“Aunt Angie was wearing your glasses.”
“Oh, my word!” Granny said. “Let me see your thumb, Aunt Angie.” She matched it up with the finger print and … boom, it matched. They had a couple of laughs and it was completed. Everybody high- fived saying, “Nice job!” They went home and started getting ready for the next mystery.

BY: Emily


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