Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Review for Charlie and Mama Kyna

The Summary:

I had the pleasure of reviewing Charlie and Mama Kyna by Diana Rumjahn. This story reminds me, to a degree, of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Charlie is a cute little frog who accidentally breaks his mama’s favorite vase. Believing that his mama (Mama Kyna) would be very upset, and fearing the consequences for what he had done, Charlie decides to run away. On his journey he meets two other animals, Leo the lion and Joe the giraffe, who are also without a family and a home. They make their new home in a tent outside of Mrs. Cupcake’s Bakery, instantly becoming best friends who rely on each other.

After some time passes, Charlie begins to miss his mama and realizes that he had made a mistake in running away. Charlie decides to return home, bringing his new friends with him. Not quite sure what to expect upon his return, and yet willing to face the consequences for his actions, he knocks on his mama’s door with flowers in hand, ready to beg for forgiveness. Instead of being upset, or punishing Charlie for breaking the vase, Mama Kyna wraps her loving arms around her son, assuring him that he was terribly missed, and forgiven. Mama Kyna expresses to Charlie that losing a vase was not important, but losing him, was devastating. Charlie realizes how much he is loved and that he should have believed in that love to guide him when he had broken the vase. He never should have run away from home.

Mama Kyna accepts Charlie’s new friends into her home and invites them to stay forever. As time goes by, Charlie, Joe and Leo revel in the warmth of being a part of a family, and feeling the strong bond of love that only family and friendship can provide. Charlie promises to never run away from home again.

The Review:

Overall, this was a wonderful picture book. The illustrations were delightful, enhancing the words of the story beautifully. My younger son has a zoo of stuffed animals in his room so he really enjoyed the pictures. The downside was that the story didn’t read as smoothly as I would have liked, but it does have wonderful meaning that children can relate too. The bonds of friendship, family and love are unbreakable. Sometimes children don’t see just how important they are to their parents and why parents go to the lengths they to protect their children. Children are very important in every parents lives and forgiveness is something every parent is willing to give, regardless of the circumstances. What a great moral!
The Author:
Diana Rumjahn is an international award winning filmmaker and author of imaginative films and children's picture book who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through creative mediums. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and technique. Diana has developed an innovative style that blends film, art, realism and social themes. Her use of vibrant colors and strong lines make her work unforgettable. Her films have been shown worldwide and her latest book is receiving acclaim everywhere.
Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (January 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1419656872
ISBN-13: 978-1419656873


  1. Great review, Renee! I thought this was a sweet little story also!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading the review, April! It is a cute story.