Monday, June 8, 2009

Tour blog stop for June 8th & June 9th

Today and tomorrow I am going to be on the following blogspot:
This is an interesting blog because for the 8th there is a summary about me then the 9th there is an interview, which I think that all of my readers are going to love and enjoy. I interviewed Granny Holmes and we all know how wonderful and eccentric she is. Please check it out and see how the interview went. Please comment. I look forward to reading what everyone has to say. Cryptogram #8 is posted on the website. If for some reason it doesn't post I will post it here.
Thank you to everyone for all of your wonderful comments thus far at all of my stops. I greatly appreciate it. Also keep in mind that book 2 is out as well, The Case of Red Rock Canyon. The adventure continues.

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